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Utilities Dashboard

Utilities Dashboards

A dashboard can help your organization visualize and analyze data in exciting new ways – from monitoring electricity and water consumption, to planning upgrades to power lines, water pipes, or sewer networks. Financial dashboards improve executive and shareholder reporting using an interactive web portal, while operational dashboards can help you monitor your equipment, facilities, and business metrics in real time.

Dashboard Solutions

Generation Capacity and Demand

A dashboard can be used to measure and predict electricity demand based on seasonal patterns, time of day, temperature, region, and other factors, improving your ability to efficiently match supply with demand. Break this data into smaller networks and visualize it over time to spot inconsistencies that could indicate illegal connections or line leakage.

Smart Meter Dashboards

With the introduction of smart meters, many home and business owners now have the opportunity to monitor and adjust usage behaviours to save on their utility bills. Since many utilities offer tiered pricing plans with reduced rates for off-peak consumption, dashboards can help save money for customers, while reducing peak demand. Dundas Dashboard is a perfect solution, with web-based, HTML5 dashboards that customers can view from their computer or mobile phone.

Upgrade Planning

Eventually the costs of repairing and maintaining an old water pipeline or sewer network (not to mention the potential costs of leakage and property damage) surpass the annualized replacement cost. A dashboard can visualize ESRI shape file data of your pipeline networks, with data-colored paths indicating the age, annual maintenance cost, and annualized replacement cost of each section of the network. This can help you spot problems, plan upgrades, and get a visual understanding of what upgrades will be needed in the near future.

Executive Scorecard

Scorecards can be used to visualize your current and historical performance data to shareholders, government regulators, or internal management. Use a color-coded scorecard to provide a visual snapshot of company-wide performance across several categories, while allowing users to drill down to an interactive report or analytical dashboard based on your OLAP data warehouse.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Consumption by Pricing Tier
  • Peak Capacity & Demand
  • Blackouts & Service Disruptions
  • Repair & Leakage Costs
  • Replacement Costs
  • Sewer Backups
  • Property Damage Incidents
  • Customer Satisfaction

Utilities Case Study

  • Case Study: McKinstry

    McKinstry uses Dundas Dashboard to track building energy consumption for their clients.
    Download Case Study PDF

What customers
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“Once you had the query for the data, you just had to define the dimensions and the KPIs and the graphs were ready to be placed”
- United Equipment