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Oil & Gas Dashboard

Oil & Gas Dashboards

Today’s Oil & Gas companies face intense scrutiny from many angles; environmental groups, investors, and government agencies all require constant management. Meanwhile, intense competition for resources and changing markets require rapid, fact-based decision making. Dundas Dashboard is a centralized, web-based data portal that helps consolidate and communicate facts about your business, with analytical tools for both external interests as well as internal decision makers. Dashboards save you money through data consolidation, analysis, and reporting.

Dashboard Solutions

Supply and Usage

Retail energy suppliers can stay ahead of demand with visual dashboards that monitor time-of-day usage as well as weekly, daily, and seasonal usage patterns. Matching supply to demand reduces overhead costs for greater operational efficiency.

Operations Management

From equipment monitoring to analyzing market trends, dashboards are a great tool for tracking day-to-day operations in real time. By placing dashboards in a highly visible location (such as an overhead TV or public console), staff will see up-to-date information, react quickly to problems, and have a better understanding of management priorities.

Public Reporting

Improve relations with government and environmental organizations, while growing trust in your brand by providing HSE data on your corporate website in an easy to understand, visual format. Satisfy reporting requirements, while reducing recurring costs by creating self-updating dashboards that connect directly to your database.

Executive Reporting

An executive dashboard can improve how you report financial and high level operational metrics to your executive team. Visualize your core financial metrics, such as operating revenue, EBITDA, operating expenses and debt/equity ratios in a visual way, showing trends broken down by month, quarter, or year. You can also develop operational reports, including metrics such as lifting costs per BOE, reserve replacement ratio, major safety incidents, and hydrocarbon releases, to give a snapshot of overall business health.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Lifting Costs per BOE
  • Reserve Replacement Ratio
  • Finding & Development Costs per BOE
  • Costs of Supply
  • Worker Safety Incidents
  • Verification Non-Compliances
  • Hydrocarbon Releases