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Sales Dashboards

Sales Dashboards

Dundas experts provide your sales team with the tools they need to analyze and interact with their data. Our dashboard solutions can help your sales team keep an eye on performance, see which sales techniques are working, improve customer service and discover new opportunities. A web-based dashboard portal also increases team alignment and collaboration, making it easier to identify complex problems, pass on expertise, and spot new opportunities for growth.

Dashboard Solutions

Pipeline Analysis

Sales dashboards can hook directly into your CRM to provide up-to-the-minute pipeline analysis by salesperson and time period, allowing you to predict future sales without any manual calculation. Separating customers into stages according to purchasing decision patterns, and weighting their value and expected purchase date accordingly, can help create consistent, objective, accurate pipeline estimates.

Marketing Communication

Dundas has collaborative tools to get your sales and marketing teams communicating more effectively. Dashboards can track marketing campaigns against sales amounts or inbound leads to help identify which campaigns are working, while embedded messaging tools allow your sales and marketing teams to discuss results directly on the dashboard.

Sales Performance

Dashboards provide sales managers with the tools to not only monitor and evaluate performance on a variety of dimensions, but to understand why your sales are growing in one area and shrinking in another. By analyzing CRM and sales data together, sales activities can be correlated with results.

Understand Customer Needs

Dashboards allow you to quickly and visually analyze customer survey data, market research results, and perform competitive analysis to help you understand where your products and services stand in the market, how acceptable they are to customers, and the opportunities to create better offerings.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Sales Pipeline Value
  • Sales by Segment
  • Average Cost of Sale (%)
  • Outbound Sales Ratio
  • Average Discount
  • Total Commission Paid
  • Total Cold Calls Made
  • Average Speed of Answer

Sales Case Study

  • Telco Services Australia

    Dundas provides fast, on-demand reporting to help TSA’s sales team gauge their performance and improve productivity.
    Download Case Study PDF