Customer Service Dashboards

Customer Service Dashboards

Visualizing customer service data in the right way can bring enormous value to your company. Dundas dashboards will penetrate to the root causes for service calls such as simpler pricing and billing, better point-of-sale practices, and more powerful self-service tools. With Dundas you have the ability to harmonize data from disparate locations and gather the insights that can be used to create valuable customer service solutions.

Customer Service Supervisor Dashboard Sample

This dashboard is designed for a call center supervisor to track performance – from the team level down to individual agents. Metrics like First Call Resolution (FCR), Transfer Rate, Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and SLA adherence provide a good snapshot of current and past performance. Individual agent performance metrics, sorted by call type, helps the supervisor identify specific issues with training and service quality.

Dundas In Action

Call Center Dashboard

Dashboard Solutions

Call Center Performance

A wall screen with a real-time Dundas dashboard can be posted in your customer service department to monitor performance metrics such as wait time, callers in queue, number of available reps, customer satisfaction, and other information that helps service staff and management to see where they are and where they want to be.

More Engaged Service Staff

To create a positive work environment, you need to go beyond the call performance metrics. Track career goals, training hours, rewards, work-life balance, and opinion gathering metrics for each of your employees to keep them engaged and stress-free. Dashboards provide management with the insights to improve staff attendance, lower attrition and re-training costs, and create better customer interactions.

Reduce Support Costs

Every time you interact with a customer, you learn something new. Organizations that record and analyze this information have a powerful edge over those that don’t. For example, analysis of call center data can answer interesting questions such as “What problems are customers calling about, and how do these problems affect customer retention, referrals, and support costs?” Dundas Dashboard includes powerful OLAP analytics to help you explore your business data and discover these insights for yourself.

Customer Loyalty

A recent survey of cellular customers showed that when buying a product or service, consumers are less concerned about cost than they are about quality and value of service. Analysis of customer surveys, purchasing patterns, price vs. profit analysis, and call center data can help identify opportunities for low-cost or no-cost customer retention initiatives – so you can retain and attract customers without slashing profits.

Social Media Applications

Social media allows organizations to connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Our mobile-friendly dashboards can be hosted on a public website and tweeted, blogged or shared with the world – increasing customer engagement. Customer-centric organizations that provide support through social media as well as traditional phone and computer systems can use the flexibility of our dashboard software to track customer service metrics from one convenient location.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • First Call Resolution
  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Agent Occupancy
  • SLA Adherence
  • Agent Training Hours
  • Transfer Rate
  • Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service Case Study

  • Saudi Telecom Company

    Dundas allowed the Saudi Telecom Company to maintain its complex daily operations while cutting the total number of service tickets in half.
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  • Telco Services Australia

    Dundas provides fast, on-demand reporting to help TSA’s sales team gauge performance and improve productivity.
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