If you’re unsure about how to use your interactive business dashboards to the best of their ability, our Professional Services team can help. Dundas offers a wide range of training courses and workshops that will help you with any general dashboard query and enhance the way you’re currently using Dundas Dashboard.

Your Business Needs:

  • To learn about data visualization and dashboard design best practices
  • Guidance in mastering the Dundas Dashboard system
  • Extensive data visualization and dashboard design

Dundas Provides:

  • An assessment of your training requirements and a custom training plan
  • A team of highly qualified dashboard and product experts with years of experience
  • Both online and on-site, in-person training

The Benefits:

  • Educate your workforce in data visualization and dashboard best practices
  • Become self-sufficient in your dashboard project needs
  • Build highly sophisticated dashboard in a shorter period of time
  • Receive a highly-customized training program for your requirements