Your business is special and unique & so are your business needs. Dundas Professional Services works alongside employees in each area of your company to create a tailored solution that works perfectly for them. By focusing on the needs of the end-user, we’re able to ensure that our visual solutions are relevant for everyone in your organization, helping your employees understand your business intelligence and allowing them to make better business decisions going forward.

When you receive Professional Services help from Dundas, you’re getting a roster full of talent.

  • Solutions Architect

    Works with all levels of your company to build relevant dashboards

  • BI Consultant

    Get answers to the questions you wish you asked about your data

  • Business Analyst

    Evaluates your current processes to see what can be improved on

  • Visualization Advisor

    Keep with industry best practices when making your dashboard

  • Graphic Designer

    Properly present the data you’ve worked so hard on collecting