If you’re interested in having employees take your company’s professional business dashboards with them on the go, our Dundas Professional Services team will help! Our extensive knowledge in HTML5 allows us to develop dashboards that can be ported to all major mobile devices, including Blackberry, Apple and Android devices.

Your Business Needs:

  • For users to have critical information outside of the office to make informed choices
  • Proper statistics for your traveling workforce, such as sales reps and field technicians
  • Your workforce to be alerted on actionable information in real-time

Dundas Provides:

  • Mobile business intelligence that can be accessed and interacted with by end-users
  • Ways to analyze the processes associated with your mobile strategy
  • Information that’s accessible and visually impactful, all on one screen
  • Access to your business dashboard on Blackberry, Apple and Android devices
  • A solution that leverages your mobile interface, including gestures and device-specific buttons

The Benefits:

  • Employees in your company receive pertinent information on their mobile device
  • Make real-time decisions anywhere, anytime
  • Quickly navigate through dashboards using your mobile device’s interface
  • Lower the cost of entry for any other devices in your organization

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