Dundas BI

For deeper, faster insights

With Dundas BI, you have a single and unified experience across all data sources and all devices, providing full functionality and faster performance for data exploration, analysis and visualization.

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Quickly connect and integrate data sources – whatever they are (OLAP, Excel, relational databases, Big Data sources, web services, simple text file) – yourself. No IT required.

With a uniform design and responsive viewing experience, you can utilize the same tools, views, actions and options across any data source and on all devices.

And, with version 3.0, we have more features than ever before. You can also try some of our sample dashboards created with Dundas BI to see what is possible, or request a live demo.

Dundas BI is based on responsive HTML5 web technology letting you connect, interact and analyze your data on any mobile device including tablets and smartphones, whether iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry.

Dundas BI is designed to be touch friendly so you have the same experience on your mobile device that you would have on your desktop. The user interface of Dundas BI fully supports touch-based gestures so you can even design business dashboards and reports directly on an iPad. All you need is a standards-compliant browser.

With Dundas BI, you can view, create and interact with performance dashboards and reports. You can even do full data analysis on any mobile device – giving you the flexibility to stay connected to your BI from wherever you are.

We're famous for our visualizations

With our Smart Design Experience and a wide range of visualizations and layout options to choose from, you can create pixel perfect dashboards using data visualization best practices.

Dundas BI comes complete with highly-customizable visualizations including interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards and more. With a wide range of customization options, you can always see your business data exactly how you imagined.

Our customizable and powerful data visualizations are famous in the industry, and represent over 20 years of technology leadership and innovation. You will be amazed by the power and flexibility of our data visualizations.

Choose from a wide range of: scorecards and grids, charts, gauges, maps and other visualizations. Take a look at our sample dashboards to see some of what is possible with Dundas BI.

On-the-fly or one-click in-memory data analysis – it's your choice.

With tailored, self-service BI by user type, you can easily and quickly perform on-the-fly or in-memory data analysis via powerful visualizations and our one-of-a-kind analytical engine.

Dundas BI includes the ability to create your own dashboards and reports, run ad-hoc queries and perform data analysis, all without having to involve your organization's technical or IT staff.

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Both standard business users and advanced business power users benefit from the intuitive, easy-to-use tools in Dundas BI. Tools such as drag-and-drop visual data discovery, allow you to view, create, interact with, personalize, monitor and share key business metrics with minimal assistance from IT. With convenient access to established metric sets and hierarchies, you can create dashboards, reports, scorecards and slideshows faster.

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Data discovery allows you to quickly and easily analyze your data in a meaningful way. Exploring the available data and bringing in your own data files is done via drag-and-drop and menu interactions to drill down/up, filter, sort, zoom in/out and more.

Dundas BI allows you to easily blend different data sources by automatically identifying relationships and finding hierarchies in your data. Smart defaults and automatic data preparation are used throughout Dundas BI to provide a streamlined workflow, which means there are a lot fewer steps needed to progress from your data to desired visualizations.

Our powerful in-memory analytical engine allows you to search through huge amounts of data without having to wait. Data tools allow you to go deeper and add context to your data via a one-click setup of period over period comparisons, conditional formatting and a wide range of formulas from common mathematical operations to statistics and forecasting all done directly on your visualizations so you can see the results instantly.

Using an intuitive exploration designer, a data discovery process can be easily shared with other users or turned into a full dashboard using "PowerPoint like" design options to arrange dashboard, report or scorecard views of your data.

Customize, extend and integrate with one fully programmable platform supporting data preparation and integration, reporting, dashboards and analysis exactly the way you need it.

Dundas BI is one of the most customizable and extensible products on the market. You can easily customize the user interface and visual design to meet your needs via built-in properties or your own HTML, JavaScript and CSS styling.

With full API support, plug-ins and in-app scripting, Dundas BI is extensible in and out, and can be integrated and embedded into existing systems, applications and administration.