Dashboard Videos

Whether you want to catch up on our previous webinars, watch the various interviews that we’ve been a part of, or are looking to get better acquainted with our existing product line, our videos delve into all things Dundas.

  • Dundas Dashboard Overview
    Allow us to introduce ourselves in this high level overview of the Dundas Dashboard platform and services associated with it.
  • Dundas Dashboard Version 5 Demonstration
    We are excited to reveal all the latest features of Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0 and we want you to be the first to see it. This webinar explores what Version 5.0 can do for the individual business user and their organization.
  • Dundas' Animated Infographic for Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
    On September 26th the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event in Toronto featured an animated infographic at Yonge & Dundas square in the heart of the city that we, Dundas Data Visualization, created for them.
  • You Can Dashboard That?
    Put on your safari hats, intrepid adventurers! We're going to embark on a wild journey through the wacky and wonderful side of Dundas Dashboard. In this free webinar, we will show you some NEW and UNCONVENTIONAL ways that Dundas Dashboard can visualize your data -- and explain how this can help your business.
  • Leave Reports Behind With Dashboards
    Most organizations are not using a dashboard solution to address their business needs, choosing instead to either rely on static reports for their key stakeholders or not use a formalized performance monitoring system at all. This webinar discusses how both of these types of organizations can best benefit from a dashboard based business solution.
  • Dundas Dashboard - How It Works
    Curious about how Dundas Data Visualization can help your business become smarter? Watch this short video to find out!
  • Why Dashboards
    When should you use dashboards and why? This video will answer those questions and also addresses some best practices you should be using in order to optimize user adoption.
  • A Brief Introduction to Dundas Mobile
    Quick intro to Dundas Mobile
  • Dundas Mobile Webinar
    Introduction to the Dundas mobile viewer, Dundas Mobile, and mobile business intelligence.
  • How to Succeed on a Dashboard Project Without Really Trying
    As your total data visualization solutions provider, Dundas wants to help your company define custom KPIs and establish widespread user adoption, all while keeping up with the best practices we've been able to take away from our fifteen years of experience.