Dundas Case Studies

Dundas has been creating custom data visualization solutions for both Fortune 500 companies and startups all over the world since 1992. Our customers work in a wide range of verticals and rely on our BI, data visualization and dashboard expertise to produce solutions that exceed their specific needs.

Read our Case Studies about customers that have benefited most from the Dundas team’s efforts:

  • Choice Logistics Case Study
    “That’s where we feel, aside from the Dundas product, we could leverage their expertise the most. It is critical to us to provide the best possible services to our clients, and creating dashboard solutions for our clients that allow them to easily gain insights from their data is the priority with our dashboard project.” - Robert Bacchi, the SVP of Information Systems
  • Neo@Ogilvy Case Study
    “We trialed several competitors and the two areas where Dundas stood apart were its flexibility and our ability to design a unique interface. In some respects the Dundas Dashboard feels more like a desktop publishing application giving us the option of designing pixel perfect layouts. It really resonated with customer case study the account team and with the clients as well.” - Owen Ball, Senior Analytics Manager
  • Eggborough Power Ltd. logo
    “We look at cost of losses to figure out the performance of each unit and how much it costs and where we’re spending the work. (Dundas) has helped us reduce about ₤600,000 off the bottom line of our electricity costs.” - Chris Phillipson, Business Systems Architect
  • MicronNexus logo
    “Now, what we are doing is managing car health metrics and systems easier. If we need access to our key figures, sales and effects, the Dundas solution helps us understand those figures clearly. A simple numbers table is not as detailed as the functions you get with a dashboard, and management likes looking at something visual more than a numbers table.” - Nico Voltarelt, Database Engineer & IT Consultant
  • 323 Technology Solutions logo
    “There is no denying that (Dundas Dashboards)have an appeal because they are so easy to consume and understand – it’s just intuitive. This has a strong psychological impact, and when you show them their own data in a way that works, you build trust.” - Keith Rickles, President
  • McKinstry logo
    “Dundas Dashboard visualizes energy data and makes it more digestible and accessible to the client audience whether that’s the general public, executive decision makers, or occupants” - Troy Heerwagen, Dashboard Manager
  • Telco Group Service Australia logo
    “Your people know the power of the software so well. The consultancy provided the smarts to make sure we presented the right data in the right way" - Charles Broeckx, Corporate Services Manager
  • Saudi Telecom logo
    “We decreased the amount of service tickets by 55% the year that we started using the dashboard. The availability of the system increased, which meant customer satisfaction levels increased, which led to an increased customer base, which of course lead to increased revenues” - Waleed Al Eshaiwy, IT Manager
  • Multiband Logo
    “With 75% of our staff in the field, communicating performance in this way has been very effective and has been improving significantly.” - Joey Mandel, BI Manager
  • Sun Healthcare Group logo
    “The process of transferring to the Dundas solution is really easy. So is the process of taking data and hooking it up to the visualizations. This enabled us to do rapid prototyping and implementation, which was a real selling point.” - Kim Mukai, BI Manager