• Big Data Dashboards

    Big Data Connectivity and Support

    • Visualize and analyze the results of your big data queries
    • ODBC support for Apache Hadoop & Hive, Microsoft PDW, Amazon Redshift, and more
  • Auto Dashboard Reports

    Automate Your Manual Processes and Save Time

    • Choose reports or dashboards for delivery
    • Set up a report schedule
    • Create a list of email recipients
    • Specify a delivery format: PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or image format
  • Dynamic KPI Dashboards

    Quicker Access to Data with Dynamic KPIs

    • A new type of parameter allows users to quickly swap the active metric on their chart or visualization for another metric
    • Avoid the need for drill-downs and pop-ups
  • Dashboard Radar Chart

    New Chart Type: Radar

    • Provides a circular co-ordinate system with radial axes
    • Helps to visualize symmetry of values
    • Area, Line, Range and Stacked Area radar charts are included
  • Mobile HTML5 Dashboard

    New HTML5 & Mobile Features

    • Small multiples control is now supported in HTML5, which allows you to create a matrix of visualizations for trellis charts and advanced scorecards
    • Mobile app now allows you to add interactive tiles
  • Dashboard Customization

    New Dashboard Customization Options

    • Customize individual cells in the analytical grid, e.g. highlight cells according to business rules
    • Customize your dashboards and reports for exporting and printing
  • Dashboard Usage

    Track User Adoption

    • Automatically keep track of which users are viewing which dashboards, and when
    • Track the results on the usage tracking dashboard (included with V5.0)

If you missed our latest webinar on the new capabilities in Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0, you can watch it here.