Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in data visualization and dashboard solutions. Our goal is to provide the best possible data visualization software and services to address the growing need for data-driven decisions in modern business. In addition to developing enterprise-level dashboard software, we offer a professional services group that provides comprehensive dashboard consulting, product enhancement and training.

Company History

Data visualization dates back to maps and graphs of the 1600s; however data visualization proliferated with computers. As computers became more commonly used in workplaces and homes in the early 1990s, people needed software that would allow them to construct graphic forms from data. Visualizations are more easily interpreted than text, and therefore graphical representations became more important as computers were adopted.

To respond to this industry trend, Dundas Data Visualization was founded in 1992, and soon after began developing Dundas Data Visualization’s technical products. The organization’s roots in both consulting and technology enable it to operate on unparalleled knowledge of the techniques that will guide your business intelligence and data visualization projects to success.

Dundas Data Visualization has a long history of success in the Business Intelligence and Data presentation field. In 2002 Dundas launched Chart for .NET, and it was an instant and overwhelming success. As it quickly became one of the most popular charting technologies in the world, the team also developed other components, which are now used by Microsoft as part of its Reporting Services, SharePoint and .NET offerings.

Dundas continues to stay on the forefront of the data visualization and Business Intelligence industry by creating products and services that assist people with understanding data and decision making, which helps businesses achieve objectives. Dundas Data visualization developed the dashboard creation platform Dundas Dashboard, which allows users to track, monitor, and explore data by providing an interactive display of business results. The Dundas Professional Services team continues to consult organizations on data visualization and business intelligence projects.

Business Approach

Although Dundas’ roots are in technology, it is a business solutions company. Dundas focuses on business needs first; we work with clients to determine each organization’s individual business goals and key metrics. We then use our design and data presentation expertise to help create a custom dashboard solution that communicates the most important metrics through clear, comprehensible visualizations.

Dundas is a leader in data visualization and presentation. Our goal is to address the growing need for data driven decisions in modern business by providing organizations with well-designed, flexible dashboard solutions.

Industry Trends and Dundas Innovation

The volume of data organizations have access to is exploding, and it will continue to grow as more and more items are connected with the internet. This explosion of data has been termed “big data”, and refers to the massive quantities of data that organizations are now attempting to process. This is one of the biggest opportunities and challenges in BI, and vendors need to provide secure solutions that can handle the volume of data that is becoming available.

In order to allow organizations to display metrics from big data, Dundas has developed a partnership with Amazon Redshift, and Dundas Dashboard can be hosted in the cloud by other cloud service providers as well. Connections to the database and the users can be encrypted, meaning a Dundas Dashboard cloud based deployment is secure.

Gartner’s research indicates that making information available to more users has been the most successful BI initiative, and Dashboards allow information to become visible across the organization. The demand for and increasing usage of mobile in the workplace is also driving a trend for mobile apps and mobile-friendly dashboards. In response to this trend, new HTML 5 and Mobile features are available in Dundas Dashboard Version 5. In fact, Dundas Dashboard was ranked the number 2 vendor mobile solution by Dresner’s 2013 Wisdom of Crowds Mobile BI study.

Dundas Dashboard

Dundas Dashboard is the most customizable and extensible dashboard creation platform and tool for data visualization. It is web-based and mobile optimized, which enables users to access data anywhere with a web connection. The HTML5 dashboards are fully interactive and can be viewed on all devices, including tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops, right from a web browser.

Dundas Professional Services

Dundas Consulting is a branch of Dundas Data Visualization, and provides Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization consulting to organizations. As a result of 20 years of data visualization consulting, our knowledge of business intelligence and data presentation is unparalleled in the industry. Dundas Consulting’s services cover technical and strategic aspects of BI and data visualization, and the team’s range of skills and knowledge, as well as its unique methodology, will provide you with a flexible BI solution that helps you achieve your business objectives.