Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in data visualization and dashboard solutions. Our goal is to provide the best possible data visualization software and services to address the growing need for data-driven decisions in modern business. In addition to developing enterprise-level dashboard software, we offer a professional services group that provides comprehensive dashboard consulting, product enhancement and training.

Company History

Founded in 1992 in Toronto, Canada, Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. has been a leader in innovative computing technologies for many years. Dundas began as a two-man operation working on innovative grid controls. This technology evolved into the field of user interfaces, leading to the creation of 2D and 3D charts. In 2002 Dundas Chart for .NET was born. It was an instant and overwhelming success, quickly becoming one of the most popular charting technologies in the world. Dundas Chart was quickly followed by Dundas Gauge, Map, OLAP Chart and Calendar controls, which were purchased by Microsoft in 2007 to become part of their Reporting Services, SharePoint and .NET offerings.

In 2009, Dundas released Dundas Dashboard, a dashboard development platform that helps companies create custom dashboards. The goal was to “democratize” data by giving users across the organization access to their data by means of self-service dashboards. Dundas Dashboard’s success is partly a result of Dundas’ experience with developing great data visualization tools, and also a result of their industry-leading customer support and services teams.

Dundas Professional Services offers a variety of training and consulting services to ensure that your company is telling the proper story with its data. Their dedicated team of experts have extensive product knowledge and data visualization best practices expertise to deliver high quality solutions. Services range from integration (connecting with custom databases or security systems) to dashboard development, training services, and full scale implementation at a company-wide level.

The Dundas Connect Partner Program provides companies with the opportunity to strengthen business and gain new revenue opportunities with Dundas’ unique technology. The Connect program is for software resellers and solution providers who are looking to provide unique, flexible technology and services to expand and improve their portfolio of products. The Connect Partner Program engagement options include Value Added Reseller, OEM, SaaS and Referral partnerships.

Dundas Data Visualization has been a proud recipient of Microsoft’s Best of TechEd Award, Software Magazine’s Software 500, the Branham 300 Award and the SD Times 100, among others.