Dundas Data Visualization is a leading, global provider of enterprise-ready Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization solutions. Dundas offers easy to use self-service, single BI experience allowing users to connect, interact and visualize any data, on any device. Our flexible BI platform is fully supported by a consultative and best practice solutions approach. For over 20 years, Dundas has been helping organizations discover deeper insights faster, make better decisions and achieve greater success.

Company History

Dundas has a strong history of innovation and a proven track record, specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Visualization for over 20 years. Dundas has followed their innovative product path from components, to Dashboards and now with the introduction of Dundas BI, a flexible, end-to-end business intelligence and data visualization solution.

Dundas launched Chart for .NET in 2002 and it was an overwhelming success and quickly became one of the most popular charting technologies in the world. The team also developed other components, which are now used by Microsoft as part of its Reporting Services, SharePoint and .NET offerings.

Dundas developed the dashboard creation platform Dundas Dashboard, which allows users to track, monitor, and explore data by providing an interactive display of business results.

Dundas BI is a new and innovative, end-to-end fully customizable business intelligence solution. With tailored self-service, single experience and powerful visualizations, enterprise users now have real-time data analytics and results from any data source, on any device, all delivered on one flexible, open platform.

Dundas helps organizations to improve efficiencies and gain deeper insights with faster performance to real-time data analytics and results from multiple data sources, on any device.

Our Approach

We will work in partnership with you and your organization to ensure success. With a business needs first approach, you will be fully supported by our expert team and best practice solutions approach, to ensure your BI project implementation success.