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Customizable data visualizations to create professional dashboards, reports and scorecards

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Visual Data Discovery

Tailored self-service by user type for easy data discovery, predictive analytics and advanced analytics

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Embedded BI

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One, open, enterprise-ready Business Intelligence (BI) platform with seamless data integration

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Dashboard, Reporting and Analytics Software
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Customizable Dashboard, Reporting and Analytics Software all with Seamless Data Integration

Dundas BI provides one, open platform for all your data integration, analytics, data visualizations, dashboards and reporting needs so you can easily access, analyze and visualize your data for quick, well-timed decisions. Dundas BI can be seamlessly integrated and embedded into your existing systems, applications and administration and allows you to connect to any data source, on any device.

With intuitive, self-service design tools and a wide range of visualization options to choose from, you can easily create customizable, interactive dashboards and rich reports using our dashboard, reporting and analytics software.

About Us

Dundas Data Visualization is a leading global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization solutions. Our Dashboard, Reporting and Visual Data Analytics software provides seamless integration into all your business applications. We provide organizations with the most flexible, innovative and scalable BI, dashboard and reporting software, through a fully embeddable BI platform, enabling users access to all their data for better decisions and faster insights.

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Support and Training

We’re here to help you build the right Business Intelligence (BI), dashboard and reporting solution for your specific business needs. Whether you require support and training on dashboards, reporting or data analytics, we’ll help you get started to ensure you’re reaching your goals and getting the most out of your investment. With training from our team of business intelligence and data visualization experts with years of experience in dashboard, reporting and data analytics software, we’ll help you turn your data into real business value.

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