Dashboards, Reports
and Data Analytics

Connect, Interact, Visualize
Any Data, Any Device

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  • Powerful Dashboards and Reports

    Customizable data visualizations to create personal dashboards, reports and scorecards

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  • Tailored Self-Service Data Analytics

    Tailored self-service by user type for easy data discovery, analytics and visualization

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  • Single Experience on Any Device

    Real-time visual access to any data with a consistent BI experience on any device

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  • Designed for Mobile

    View, analyze and interact with any data on any device - make decisions on-the-go

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  • Flexible Enterprise Platform

    One end-to-end, enterprise-ready, open platform for connecting all your data sources

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Explore Dundas - Dashboards, Reports and Data Analytics

Discover how Dundas enables quick interactive, self-service data analysis and discovery, with one end-to-end solution, delivering real-time visual access to all your data, information and results. With our Smart Design Experience, easy tools and a wide range of visualization options to choose from, you can create pixel perfect, interactive dashboards and rich reports.
Dundas BI provides one, open platform for all your data integration, analytics, interactive visualizations, dashboards and reports. Dundas is a leading global provider of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization software and solutions. For over 20 years, Dundas has been helping enterprise customers to discover insights faster, make better decisions and achieve greater success.
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Support and Training

We're here to help you build the right BI and dashboard solution for your specific business needs. We'll help you get started to ensure you're reaching your goals and getting the most out of your investment. With training from our team of business intelligence and data visualization experts, we'll help you turn your data into real business value.