Super Dashboards for Super Bowls

Super Dashboards FootballWith the Super Bowl and Sochi Olympics right around the corner, discussing dashboards in relation to sports seems only logical.

There have been a lot of articles and blogs written on sports analytics and performance management, and while they may mention the use of dashboards, there hasn’t been much focus placed there. Having the data and analytics is all well and good, but you need a way to easily understand that information and recognize areas that require action. Enter dashboards.

Dashboards allow you to see the most important information to you, in order to make better informed decisions at a glance. For a sports organization, that could mean looking at individual athlete statistics, the team as whole, assessing the competition or potential recruits, and of course, money.

Being that it’s Super Bowl weekend let’s use a football example. Where and when does a specific player have the most success (offensively this could be; yardage, touchdowns, or complete passes)? What plays are most effective against certain defensive formations? Are there weather conditions that make him more or less successful? Or on the flip side what is the most effective way for my defense to shut down a specific player or designed plays? Having instant access to this information at glance can be extremely important.

Football is just one example. Easily understanding your data has become exceptionally important to the success of any elite athlete or sports organization.

Each team, organization, or athlete will have their own goals and definitions of success. For some it might be winning it all, or having a win rate over 50%, and for others it might mean simply building new talent; but all of these factors and the KPIs that go into them can best be measured and understood through the use of dashboards.

Moneyball introduced us to the importance of analytics and looking at data when it comes to sports. Dashboards make understanding your data easier, and enhance your ability to make better informed decisions.

To find out more about how your organization can benefit from using dashboards connect with one of our specialists.

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