Run IIS in 32 bit mode


1. Overview

In order to connect to Excel or via ODBC, it may be necessary to install 32-bit drivers on your Dundas BI server. For example, some ODBC drivers are only available in 32-bit as opposed to 64-bit.

This article shows you how to run your Dundas BI IIS application pool in 32-bit mode so that the 32-bit drivers will function correctly with Dundas BI.

2. Run your application pool in 32-bit mode

In IIS 7, each application pool has a setting to run as 32-bit or 64-bit individually.

To check or change this setting, first launch IIS Manager.

Select Application Pools in the Connections pane.

Select Dundas BI (InstanceName) in the Application Pools pane.

IIS Manager
IIS Manager

Click Advanced Settings in the Actions pane.

Set the Enable 32-Bit Applications setting to True. Click OK.

Enable 32-bit applications
Enable 32-bit applications

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