Filter child dashboards from a parent dashboard


1. Overview

You can embed child dashboards inside a parent dashboard, and filter them from the parent dashboard. For example, you have a dashboard and want to display it inside a parent dashboard. At the same time, you want to add a filter control on the parent dashboard that will allow users to filter data on the child dashboard.

There is overhead when embedding dashboards as compared to using metric sets directly on the parent dashboard.

2. Pre-requisites

Design Overview

3. Add a child dashboard

  1. Create a dashboard, or use an existing one.

    Child dashboard
    Child dashboard

  2. Add a viewParameter.

    Add a member filter.
    Add a member filter.

    In this sample, a viewParameter is used. You can also use a regular filter parameter if needed. Watch the video on Creating and Using Filters on the Dashboard.

4. Add parent dashboard

  1. Create a new dashboard.
  2. Drag and drop the child dashboard to the dashboard canvas.

    Drag and drop the child dashboard
    Drag and drop the child dashboard

  3. Add a Member Filter. This will be used to filter the child dashboard.

    Add a member filter
    Add a member filter

  4. Setup the member filter and connect to the child dashboards' parameter.

    Setup the member filter
    Setup the member filter

    If you used regular filters on the child dashboard, you can prevent them from displaying on the parent dashboard by ticking the Hide Parameter Controls checkbox.

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