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Parameters & Filters

A dynamic element filter allows viewers to choose the measure or hierarchy they want to see in a visualization via a drop down list, without any scripting.

This article describes the Check Similar option which makes it easy to connect a filter or view parameter to multiple metric sets.

This article shows how to create interdependent/linked filters using hierarchies that are independent of each other.

A collection of design tips and brief how-tos for using parameters and adding filters in Dundas BI.

You can embed child dashboards inside a parent dashboard, and filter them from the parent dashboard.

This article demonstrates how to pass parameter values from a dashboard to a stored procedure.

This article demonstrates how to pass placeholder value from dashboard to manual MDX select.

This article shows you how to configure a filter to show only specific members or show specific tokens in its token menu.

You can use a bridge parameter to promote a placeholder to a hierarchy.

A cascading member filter control displays each level of a hierarchy on separate dropdown lists. Each dropdown is filtered based on what is selected on the parent level dropdown.

This article shows you how to use a Play Axis filter to automatically progress through filter values along a slider.

This article shows you how to use a Slider filter to select a single or a range of numeric values.

This article shows you how to use the search functionality that is built into various filter controls.

A checkbox list filter control allows multiple value selection from a hierarchy dimension or slicer.

The Parameter Update Button lets users decide when parameter controls should apply their filter values to retrieve data.

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