Set Date range in a Time Dimension using Tokens


1. Overview

Dundas BI provides the ability to set a default range date to the built in default time dimension or a new user-created time dimension. This date range can be set by using the calendar picker or built-in tokens.

2. Token Range Types

A token can either represent a half range i.e. start/end date value or full range date value. For example, the predefined Current Month token is a full range token, whereas the Beginning of Current Year is a Range Start token.

  1. Range Start - Sets the start date of the date range. If end date is not specified, the default is Open Range Boundary
    • Beginning of Current Month
    • Beginning of Current Quarter
    • Beginning of Current Week
    • Beginning of Current Year
    • Beginning of Today
  2. Range End - Sets the end date of the date range. If start date not specified, the default is Open Range Boundary.
    • End of Current Month
    • End of Current Quarter
    • End of Current Week
    • End of Current Year
    • End of Today
  3. Full Range - Sets both the start and the end date values to the value of the token. These are *pre-defined range values which shift accordingly as time passes by.
    • Current Month
    • Current Quarter
    • Current Year
    • Previous Month
    • Previous Quarter
    • Previous Year
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 60 days
    • Last 90 days
    • Month to date
    • Quarter to date
    • Year to date

*if the end date is set to the token value, then the start date cannot be changed to something else.

All the date range tokens are dynamic i.e. the time dimension will shift accordingly as time advances, unless the date range values are hard coded using the Calendar Picker."

3. Using Advanced Settings

All the Range Start and the Range End tokens can be modified in the advanced settings by specifying an offset.

For example, open the Token menu and set the To date to End of Current Year token. Once this is set, adjust the From date from either the calendar picker or a Range Start token.

If you set the Start Date first from the Calendar Picker and then choose an End date from the token, the Start Date will revert back to the default Open Range Boundary. This can be fixed by changing the start date again or setting the End date first.

Open the To date token menu and select Advanced. In the Set Up Token Offset dialog, set the token to End of Current Year and offset to -2.

The End date for the time dimension will be 2 years before the current year.

Set Up Token Offset dialog
Set Up Token Offset dialog

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