How to get unique name of a hierarchy member


1. Overview

This article demonstrates how to get the unique name of a hierarchy member. This is useful in cases such as setting row-level security using Security Hierarchy and passing parameter values via query string.

You can display the unique name of the hierarchy member from different screens within Dundas BI. Wherever available, hover over the hierarchy member to display a tooltip with the hierarchy member's unique name. However, it is important to distinguish between two stages of the hierarchy that have different unique names:

  • When creating a leveled hierarchy (such as a custom hierarchy or a time dimension), Dundas BI creates unique name "design" for the different elements in the hierarchy. For example, the fourth item of the first level of the Product hierarchy may get the unique name 4.A.

  • When replacing or promoting a column to a hierarchy (such as in a data cube), the unique name "designs" are used to generate unique names for the members of the hierarchy. For example, after promoting the ProductID column the same item in the hierarchy will get the unique name 4.A.ProductID.

In most cases, you will be working with the second stage and looking for the member unique name.

1.1. Customize the hierarchy unique name

When you are using a data cube to replace or promote a column to a hierarchy, you can customize the unique name for that hierarchy. The custom unique name will be used together with the unique name "designs" to generate the unique names for the members of the hierarchy.

Indicate a hierarchy unique name in the data cube
Indicate a hierarchy unique name in the data cube

2. Show the member unique name

3. Show the design unique name

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