Using Edit Full Screen


1. Overview

The Edit Full Screen option lets you open a single data visualization in a full screen editor, apply changes to it, and then return to the dashboard.

For example, if you have a small chart on your dashboard, you can use this option to open the chart in a larger-sized editor which lets you see more details so you can easily apply appearance and other changes.

2. Enter the Edit Full Screen mode

To enter this mode, select the data visualization control on the dashboard canvas. Go to the toolbar, click Data Tools, and then select Edit Full Screen. You can also access this option from the control's right-click menu.

Click Edit Full Screen
Click Edit Full Screen

The underlying metric set of the data visualization is checked out and opened in a full screen editor similar to the Metric Set Designer.

In this editor, you can make changes to the properties of the visualization, add/remove data items, or configure bindings.

Edit Full Screen mode
Edit Full Screen mode

3. Exit the Edit Full Screen mode

Once you're done with the changes in the full screen editor, go to the toolbar and click Back To Dashboard. This is required so that the changes you made will be saved and applied directly to the data visualization on your dashboard.

Click Back To Dashboard
Click Back To Dashboard

The full screen editor is closed and you are returned to the Dashboard Designer screen. The data visualization on the canvas should be updated with the changes you made.

Data visualization is updated
Data visualization is updated

4. Notes

  • The Edit Full Screen option is not available for charts that display multiple metric sets.

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