What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 2.6.

2. Data Preparation and Analysis

  • Connect to SharePoint Online Lists / Excel Services using Online credentials authentication
  • Automatically add the OLAP cube when creating a new cube perspective via the context menu
  • Turn off automatic hierarchy generation in the hierarchy designer
  • Data Cubes:
    • Insert transforms without having to pre-select a connection line
    • Open the Data Cube Elements panel from the Process Result context menu
    • Performance improvements for in-memory storage
    • New transforms:
      • Null Replacement - Check for null values and replace them with a user-specified value
      • Transpose - Turn columns into rows and rows into columns
  • Metric Sets:
    • Pre-select the right measure when adding a state group on a table column
    • Apply a formula to metric sets with compatible time hierarchies

3. Design and View

  • Use the View panel or 'pinch-to-zoom' when the re-size mode is scale.
  • New view containers for embedding no longer use iFrames
  • Open the corresponding dashboard when editing a notification from My Profile
  • Use the Placeholder As URL option when setting up drill down, navigate, or hover over interactions
  • Position a hover over popup window using the getPopup() method
  • Filters / Parameters:
    • Option to check all similar parameters when binding filters
    • Show an icon in datetime, calendar, and member filters to indicate the filter can be opened
    • Improved performance when searching OLAP hierarchy members in filter controls
    • Single number filter and numeric properties accept numbers with commas

4. Data Visualizations

5. Administration

6. Installation / Deployment

  • Deployment Console application for silent install can now check for prerequisites and automatically install them if missing
  • Instance upgrade prompts for new license if upgrading from one major version to another

7. API / Branding / Integration

  • The SeatCount type is now a struct instead of a class
  • Determine if a license feature is enabled using the REST/JS API


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