Connecting to Exasol


1. Overview

This article shows you how to set up a data connector for connecting to an Exasol database.

2. Drivers

Drivers for Exasol are included with Dundas BI in version 8.0.2 and later.

In earlier versions of Dundas BI, a driver must be installed before you can connect to the database. For specific driver requirements, see Dundas BI - System Requirements and choose your version of Dundas BI from the dropdown.

When installing a driver, choose a driver version that matches your Exasol database. In previous versions of Dundas BI for Linux, you may need to connect to Exasol using ODBC or JDBC drivers instead.

3. Create the data connector

Create a new data connector from Dundas BI's main menu on the left.

Enter a Name for your data connector, and set the Data Provider dropdown to Exasol Database.

Create a new data connector for Exasol
Create a new data connector for Exasol

Enter the Server name or address and the required User Name and Password credentials. Other connection information such as the port number can be customized by expanding the Advanced section.

Enter one or more Schemas (separated by commas) to connect to them rather than the user's schema.

Click Test connection to check the connection, then click the submit button at the bottom to create the data connector and discover its data structures.

4. See also

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