Keep a Direct Line between Your Applications and Dundas BI

As the line between operational applications and BI applications fades away, and users jump from one to the other (in many cases without even knowing so as the BI application is seamlessly embedded into their operational applications), it’s getting more and more critical to enable a direct connection between the application, not only by means of web navigation but also by keeping the same context selected by the user in their operational applications.

Integration that only provides a navigational linkage without maintaining the context are risking end user confusion and a bad user experience forcing the users to reselect their required context. The most common example is the logged on user name. Passing the user name is important in many cases in order to ensure that user can see the right data points he is allowed to access, instead of the entire dataset.

But beyond the user name there are many other examples such as a date range selection or a certain filter selection applied in the operational application that needs to be carried over into the BI application directly.

For example, imagine the user is using his CRM system to view today’s customer inquiries list. He then decides to filter the list to show North American customers only and for the last month instead of the last day. Then he clicks his dashboard button to view this selection in a visual interactive display. If this dashboard loads against with today’s data and for all continents he may get confused or just annoyed by having to apply this selection again. Dundas BI solves this problem easily by allowing to pass user selections or any other parameters (perhaps generated by the system) directly into Dundas BI over the URL.

Useful Webinar:
If you need to create such an integration or want to learn more, you can view a quick demonstration of this under the following webinar: How to Integrate and Embed Dundas BI

Easy Set-up Steps:
Read more about the easy steps for set up here:


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