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The World's Largest BI Survey - Get the Results


Which business intelligence (BI) tool is the best? What do existing customers think of their BI tools? Is the best BI software the best one for your business? What criteria should be considered when comparing BI tools?

Comparing BI tools is no simple task, especially when considering the volume of BI products in the market today, each offering promises of deliverance on critical business benefits, while solving your business problems.

The BARC BI Survey sets out to provide you with a balanced view of what BI users – as well as BARC analysts – have to say about the leading business intelligence products on the market. This survey is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of Business Intelligence software users. Over 3000 people responded to this year’s survey and 42 products are included. The BI Survey 17 examines user feedback on BI products and usage across 29 categories (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, customer satisfaction, innovation and more.

Dundas BI is Number 1 in Product and Performance Satisfaction

We are thrilled to announce that our customers have rated Dundas BI the top-ranked solution in Product Satisfaction (Dashboarding-focused products peer group), Performance Satisfaction (all of its peer groups) and Embedded BI (Data discovery-focused products peer group). In addition to achieving these rankings, Dundas is considered a leader in several other categories in its peer groups including Customer Satisfaction, User Flexibility, Visual Design Standards, Visual Analysis, and more.

“Fantastic support. Great product. Constantly improving. Very flexible and powerful” – Member of a cross-departmental BI team, utilities, 100 – 2,500 employees

The results of this survey validate our focus and why customers trust Dundas for their data and analytics projects. Most importantly, it validates our ability to ensure a meaningful implementation of Dundas BI.

Download BARC’s summary of the headline results for Dundas.

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