Big Data & Analytics Summit

Big Data isn’t just a buzzword or a trend.  It’s a revolution reshaping business and society – and it’s happening now.  Attend the 3rd Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada and build a data-driven organization to drive innovation, improve customer experience and increase returns. 

This summit will bring together some of the most advanced leaders in big data and analytics from a vast range of industries, and will feature 2 days of business and technical sessions to help you drive business success and maintain your competitive advantage. 

Dundas is proud to be a sponsor of this event focused exclusively on big data and analytics.

When: February 13th & 14th, 2017
Where: Marriott Eaton Centre, Toronto, ON
Agenda: Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

Dundas will have technical staff on hand in our booth at the Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada and will be providing live, on-site demos.  A Solution Architect will be there to answer any technical questions you might have about Business Intelligence, Analytics or Big Data. 

As an added bonus, we can offer our customers and contacts a 20% discount when attending this 2-day event.  Simply enter or quote the Dundas VIP Code: DDATA20 when registering.

To Register:

  1. Online or,
  2. Call: 1-866-298-9343 ext. 200 or,
  3. Email: if you have any questions

Your data is the key to creating better customer experiences, making the most effective business decisions and in turn pushing your revenue sky-high.

Some highlights of what will be covered at this event:

  • Harness Big Data & Analytics – Unify your data to create actionable insights
  • Analytics in the Big Data Landscape – Drive business insight and value from data stored in data lakes or hubs
  • Exploit Emerging Opportunities – Benefit from machine learning and AI
  • Successful Data Analytics Projects – Extract value from your data and drive business change
  • Driving Organizational Strategy – Isolate the paths that detract from the client experience
  • Hybrid Data Lake Architecture – Drive advanced analytics and enjoy the benefits of both in-premises and cloud data lakes
  • Skills Shortage – Anticipate and source internal and external candidates to staff your big data team
  • Internet of Things – Leverage data and realize the potential of IoT, smart communities and smart cities
  • Big Data & Analytics Strategies – Develop your competitive advantage
  • Big Brain for Big Data – Maximize your ROI and facilitate understanding of your Big Data asset potential

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