Types of Dashboards: The Analytical Dashboard

June 16, 2014 Kelsey Marchand

Every type of dashboard serves a distinct purpose. In order to know which dashboard will solve your problems most effectively, you need to start by learning the purposes of each.

The type we went over last week was operational dashboards, which provide the daily data needs for your typical user. While understanding where you lie with your daily and short-term data is important, what about your data in the long term? Or data that is too detailed and while important, not needed for daily operations? How can we measure and dig into that data?

With an analytical dashboard.

What are Analytical Dashboards?

Analytical dashboards allow you to gain insight on your historical, present, and predictive data. You can then use this information to understand your current strategy, and determine what adjustments need to be made in the future.

Analytical dashboards aren’t as common as operational dashboards, because the data featured in analytical dashboards tends to be more complex, and typically requires more training to use. For this reason, analytical dashboards are generally used by business analysts, instead of being widely deployed to all employees in all departments.

Why are Analytical Dashboards Useful?

Understanding the trends and events in your data is a critical part of building and implementing a strong strategy. Analytical dashboards can compare your current data against your historic and predictive data, as well as multiple variables, which allows you to better understand your data, strategically. While analytical dashboards certainly don’t provide the information necessary for daily activities the way operational dashboards do, they provide a different, and typically more detailed, view of your data, which has a variety of benefits. With an analytical dashboard you can:

  • Determine why certain processes are working in some departments and not in others

  • Get in-depth analysis in real-time

  • Identify patterns and opportunities in your data

  • Align strategic objectives with performance initiatives

  • Analytical dashboards go beyond general operations by digging deeper into your data that, while too complex for the everyday, is critical for strategy-building.

    Want to see what an analytical dashboard can do for your operations? Try our 45 Day Free Trial of Dundas Dashboard, or speak to one of our Solutions Specialists about dashboard and custom dashboard solutions!

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