Dundas Dashboard V5: Tracking Dashboard Usage

October 17, 2013 Stas Kashepava

Your dashboards are built and working. They look good, they show valuable information, and you are proud of them. But something is missing. Perhaps you’d like to have some feedback about your dashboards. Maybe you want to know who is using them, how often they are being viewed, or what time of the day generates the most interest. Maybe you’d like to know what are the specific dashboards that are most useful to your clients. Dundas Dashboard V5 can help.

Dundas Dashboard V5 introduces a new, long awaited feature called Tracking Dashboard Usage. Turning it on is easy – just change a couple of settings in the Dundas Dashboard Configuration File and all of the tracking data will be collected automatically and stored inside our data store in a special table. Using this tracking data, you can derive additional statistics such as the number of times a dashboard is viewed, the average time a user spends viewing a dashboard, and the usage pattern showing when the dashboard was viewed.

This is all well and good, you might say, but exactly how do I access this tracking information? Not to worry, Dundas Dashboard V5 also includes a sample project with a usage dashboard that displays detailed tracking information. You can add this sample project from the Deployment Center, customize the tracking dashboard according to your own needs if you wish, and start collecting valuable statistics about your own dashboards.

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