September 9, 2013 Dundas

This is Part 3 of 5 in the Dundas Dashboard Version 5 Pre-Launch


Read Part 1 - Big Data
Read Part 2 - Cloud


What is the goal of Dundas Dashboard Version 5? To paraphrase Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Version 5 isn’t in the chart business or the software business – it’s in the data solution business. And the easiest way to find solutions in your data is by turning to graphics to help tell your company’s story. Graphics can be interpreted by a wider audience, including those with less technical expertise and low literacy; they allow you to display a huge dataset in a small space, summarizing information in one well-made visual; and they can assist you with finding a solution, in addition to pointing out specifically where the problem lies.


Dundas Dashboard looks to help you understand your data more comprehensively with the addition of dozens of new data visualization objects. Dundas Dashboard Version 5 introduces Radar Area Charts to help you visually show distributions around a central point, Stock Charts that help identify price movements over time, and a Data Grid Control with built-in Scorecard capabilities.


With Dundas Dashboard v5 (coming this fall), Dundas allows you to visualize data in an assortment of new and exciting ways by introducing the following data visualization objects:


• 100% Stacked Area Chart
• 100% Stacked Bar Chart
• Area Chart
• Box Plot Chart
• Bubble Chart
• Funnel Chart
• Point Chart
• Radar Area Chart
• Radar Line Chart
• Radar Range Chart
• Radar Stacked Area Chart
• Range Bar Chart
• Range Chart
• Spline Area Chart
• Spline Chart
• Spline Range Chart
• Stacked Area Chart
• Stacked Bar Chart
• Stock Chart
• Pareto Chart


Dundas Dashboard allows you to take all of your data and present it visually in a variety of ways. With a custom business dashboard you can ensure that regardless of how you want it to appear, your data will be properly interpreted by all levels of your organization.


Watch this short trailer on Dundas Dashboard v5 to see what’s coming.

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