Choice Logistics Case Study

May 21, 2014 Kelsey Marchand

Choice Logistics is a privately-held world leader in mission critical service parts logistics. Founded in 1964 as Choice Courier, it began as a simple delivery service, shipping packages across New York City for a variety of clientele. Today, Choice Logistics is one of the largest ground-based couriers.

Data Visualization Needs

Choice Logistics had already invested in a data warehousing system, and saw the opportunity to build upon that system. They wanted to find a solution that would give their clients more control and insight into their operations through real-time dynamic reporting.

High Level Support

After looking through a number of vendors, Robert Bacchi, SVP of Information Systems at Choice Logistics, felt that Dundas was the best option because of its functionality and high level support system.

"The majority of your lifetime with a vendor is spent with their support group, so in addition to a product's stability, scalability and affordability, their support team must be knowledgeable and attentive."

Employees of Choice Logistics worked closely with the Dundas Professional Services Team. They received dashboard training and consulting on dashboard projects, including development, design and implementation of dashboards for specific projects.

"That's where we feel, aside from the Dundas product, we could leverage their expertise the most."

Saving Time and Costs

After implementing their Dundas Dashboard solution, Choice Logistics was able to take the majority of the time their analysts' spent on creating reports, and instead devote it to looking at trends in the data. This has and will continue to help in building future strategies, understanding current performance, gaining insight on client needs, and more.

"As we introduce dashboards into the corporation, not only is there a different way of looking at information, but culturally there is a shift. Everyone was used to pivot tables, everyone had deviations from standard formulas, the variations were damaging. Everyone now is aligned."

Thanks to Dundas, Choice Logistics' clients are more than satisfied with the new levels of transparency offered in their client-facing dashboards.

"We've received dozens of emails from clients thanking us for providing a dashboard that was so easy to use and so informative."

To find out more about how Dundas helped Choice Logistics, check out our new Choice Logistics case study!

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