5 Top FAQs from our Customers

June 18, 2014 Kelsey Marchand

We get a lot of questions every day, and sometimes the answers can't be easily found on our website.

You asked, we answered.

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

1). “How Customizable are the Dashboards?”

Very. Our in-house professional services team can customize the dashboard system you need, and, if you want to skip the help and do it yourself, Dundas Dashboard offers designers the ability to define their own interactions using custom scripts (customize buttons/how the dashboard responds to interactions/data filters/navigation controls/etc.), and gives you complete control over the visual appearance of your dashboard.

2). “What Differentiates Dundas from your Competitors?”

There are two big things that differentiate Dundas:

  • Our focus on dashboards and visualization techniques

  • Dundas’ sole focus is on dashboard and data visualization techniques and design, which we feel gives us an advantage. Other dashboard solution companies tend to have multiple focus points, spreading their resources and expertise instead of focusing on one area.

  • Our incredible customization abilities

  • We feel that, when it comes to a dashboard project, there is no one-size-fits-all dashboard for every company. Our teams help your company build the dashboard you need, and do not make your data conform to a prefab design.

    3). "What Types of Visualizations are Available in Dundas Dashboard?”

    Scorecards, Pareto Charts, Range Line Point Area Charts, Radial Gauges, Tree Maps, Column Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Candlestick Charts, Line Chart, Stacked Area Charts, Bubble Charts, Six Sigma Xbar Charts, Maps, and more. Check out some examples, here.

    4). “How Long Does it Take to Build a Dashboard from Scratch?”

    That all depends on whether or not you have the required data available. Most of the time involved in a dashboard project is spent ensuring that the data for the key business metrics is available and accurate. Once the data sources are available, the actual dashboard process is quite fast, taking as little as a few hours to get an initial dashboard up and running. However, the overall complexity of the dashboard (customizations/drill downs/pop-ups), as well as the depth of testing, influence the time it takes to fully complete a project. On average, dashboards take several days to properly complete and deploy.

    5).“Can We Build a Dashboard on Mobile?”

    In order to preserve the flexibility, customization, and control of our dashboards, the design process is desktop compatible. We feel that, when it comes to dashboard designing, the process can be quite complex, and the tools needed can be more than what a mobile device can properly handle. Dashboards only need to be designed once, because their continued use is in their consumption. However, you can view your dashboards on any mobile device, allowing more flexibility when it comes to how you choose to consume your dashboard.

    Have any questions we didn't cover? Leave yours in the comment section below!

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