The Benefits of Visualizing Data

April 26, 2019 Jeff Hainsworth


As humans, we’re hard-wired to naturally interpret visuals faster and more efficiently than we are rows of data. By using data visualizations, you’ll be able to drive instant decision-making, which will lead to better results. You’ll be able to more effectively consume business intelligence and data analytics and discover insights you’d previously never expected to see.

In this video, we dive into why it’s important to visualize your data and the pitfalls associated with basing decisions off of dark data (i.e., data not useful for deriving insights or for decision-making).


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Jeff Hainsworth

Jeff Hainsworth is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dundas Data Visualization with over a decade and a half of experience in Business Intelligence. He has a passion for building, coding and everything visual – you know, shiny things! Check out "Off the Charts... with Jeff", his platform for great content on all things analytics, data visualizations, dashboards, and business intelligence. There’s something for everyone!

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