Yulista + Dundas BI

Yulista + Dundas BI


How Yulista slashed their budgeting time from 2 weeks to 2 hours

The stage was set. With data scattered across nine companies and no way for them to unlock the data insights they needed, it was time for Yulista Holding, LLC, to modernize their reporting structure and move beyond the confines of Excel.

Since implementing Dundas BI, Yulista’s been able to create a smarter organization by consolidating its data and delivering personal reporting and analytics experiences to all users. They’ve saved immeasurable time preparing reports, have generated additional revenue, and are better positioned to make fact-based, data-driven decisions.

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Jordan Zenko

Jordan Zenko is the Community & Content Manager at Dundas Data Visualization. As Dundas’ resident (and self-proclaimed) story-teller, he authors in-depth content that educates developers, analysts, and business users on the benefits of business intelligence.

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