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How Family HealthCare Network Improved Data Accessibility & Enhanced Operational Performance

Family HealthCare Network (FHCN) is a non-profit community-based organization that provides health care to their surrounding communities, via 16 federally qualified health centers. FHCN is a multi-site primary health care network, servicing over 200,000 patients, and is one of the largest health care providers in the United States.

Their Challenge

Family HealthCare Network felt it imperative to improve their existing visualization capabilities and recognized that their data needed to be more accessible at all levels. FHCN wanted data transparency throughout their network, as well as improved organization-wide performance in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting. The UDS is a core set of information appropriate for reviewing the operation and performance of health centers. The data collected is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, help report general Health Center Program accomplishments, and continually improve health center operations and performance. The UDS report is required of Health Center Program grantees by organizations such as FHCN, which is a Migrant Health Center.

Their Needs

FHCN required a BI solution that provided more visibility, to help realize the vastness of their data, and to ensure that federal goals were met. Tom LeBlanc, Senior Programmer-Analyst at Family HealthCare Network stated:

"We’re upwards of 600,000 patient visits a year. We see so many; we can’t rely on the anecdotal"

Additionally, Family HealthCare Network needed a solution that bestowed their users the right tools to improve performance. FHCN desired a BI solution that would extend their data to everyone, in order to understand key performance metrics and realize strategic objectives.

Their Solution

Family HealthCare Network decided upon Dundas BI initially due to its HTML5 compliance capabilities. As an existing Dundas Dashboard customer, FHCN required a BI tool that allowed them to easily scale up the solution and reach all users within the organization. FHCN was able to integrate Dundas BI into their existing portal and data sources with minimal effort. With Dundas BI being a server-based technology, FHCN’s deployment of the solution was a simple endeavor, ultimately allowing performance analysis, without client-side installations. In addition, by having a browser-based BI solution, FHCN end users – which included over 800 employees– were able to access the data at their convenience.

Why FHCN Chose Dundas BI

  • Drag-and-Drop Visual Data Discovery This tool allows Family HealthCare Network to quickly view, create, interact with, personalize and monitor their own Excel data files
  • Integrate & EmbedFamily HealthCare Network benefited from the ability to integrate Dundas BI into their existing business systems such as SharePoint, allowing them to streamline processes and maximize efficiencies
  • Automatic Joins & HierarchiesFamily HealthCare Network enjoys being able to drag-and-drop data files and automatically have hierarchies designed and defined, based on existing data relationships
  • Data Preparation Family HealthCare Network took advantage of Dundas BI’s flexibility around data preparation, as well as the ability to use their existing unique SQL select statements vs. having to use auto-generated queries in order to achieve pre-defined outputs

Key Benefits

As a result of using Dundas BI, FHCN was also able to promote healthy, internal competition, between users. Physicians have taken to improving their performance, over time and against others.

Additionally, Family HealthCare Network improved the accessibility of their data to the entirety of their organization, and saw immediate performance improvements in areas vital to their operations, such as ‘Active Referrals’. Dundas BI dashboards helped Family HealthCare Network recognize that the number of active referrals were increasing at a rate much quicker than consults were received. Over a one year span – from September, 2014 to September, 2015 – The number of active referrals had increased roughly 150%. This number has since decreased 20% since implementing Dundas BI.

FHCN has also been able to speed up the report creation process, in order to support the business.


"It’s a really nice out-of-the-box design that is created for users with a range of design capabilities, allowing them to present data in a beautiful manner with minimal effort"

Tom LeBlanc
Senior Programmer Analyst
Family HealthCare Network


Final Statements

Family HealthCare Network was able to create a highly accessible and transparent BI application, with a high, internal adoption rate. Their dashboards displayed performance metrics, which helped increase efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. This solution reduced the need for charting and analysis, and allowed everyone to consume data more conveniently.



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