Viamedia, established in Kentucky, USA, is an independent local ad management company, delivering effective cross-media digital and video advertising solutions for advertisers across the United States. With a focus on accelerating revenues through the power of media, Viamedia provides customers a full turn-key solution, with a comprehensive suite of services.

Since 2001, Viamedia has amassed countless accolades for industry excellence, serviced upwards of 10,000 advertisers, achieved nationwide coverage, and have established themselves as the video industry’s largest, leading, independent advertising management company in the United States.


Viamedia operates in over 70 markets across 35 states, and services their entire operation, regardless of function, from their corporate headquarters in Kentucky. As such, their Sales team is heavily dispersed throughout the country. Consequently, as Viamedia grew their operation, it became increasingly difficult for their Sales managers to correctly identify market performance, and even more difficult to obtain real, accurate data and effectively manage their teams via standardized guidelines.

Viamedia recognized that in order to maintain their success, it was imperative they had access to an internal application that would empower management to ask the right questions at the right times, and enable them to understand how each market (individually and as a whole) was performing compared to goal presently, and at subsequent periods of time. Moreover, Viamedia coveted an application that would provide management with the tools necessary to deliver consistent and relevant coaching, and would help their Sales teams grow professionally, financially, and personally, and would improve their overall performance.

Ultimately, Viamedia required an application that would allow them to identify potential performance deficiencies, and ensure key metrics were achieved by helping them make accurate decisions, backed by data.

Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable


An integral component to Viamedia’s continued perception as trailblazers in this industry, and driving force behind their award-winning advertisements, has been their ongoing commitment to innovation and desire to leverage best-of-breed technologies. This pioneering mindset led them to implement an application that would facilitate the growth of a remote sales team and would foster a performance-driven culture that transcends geography; all while giving them access and visibility into their data that would empower management to coach and take action upon, and ensure sales objectives are met.

With the assistance of Dundas BI, Viamedia was able to consolidate data from numerous disparate data sources, and create one cohesive solution that displays actionable information and empowers their users to dig deeper into their data, and ask (and ultimately answer) questions with progressively greater granularity.

David Solomon

"We live in a data-driven era. And thanks to Dundas BI, our team was able to develop the tools we needed to evaluate our business based upon data trends. The data intelligence we now have on hand thanks to Dundas BI is unparalleled to anything we’ve ever had before. Not only are we able to look at our business by segments, by verticals, by time periods, by advertisers, by revenue streams… we are able to fully customize the dashboard based upon OUR business needs. Our intel is available at the Company, Division, Market and Individual Contributor levels. This evolution has provided a priceless opportunity to fine tune our sales strategy and provides a solid development/coaching platform"

David Solomon

Chief Revenue Officer


Why Viamedia Chose Dundas

Advanced Data Analytics
Controlled Narrative
Interactive Visualizations
Dynamic Row-Level Security
Custom Navigation Experience
A primary goal of Viamedia, was to be able to see at-a-glance, how their Sales teams were performing to goal, especially compared to prior years. Dundas BI’s powerful Data Tools ensured they were able to easily support their data analysis with period-over-period comparisons, and immediately see how they were trending.
A predominant challenge for Viamedia, especially considering their widely dispersed Sales team, was ensuring all users aligned with a single version of the truth; and that everyone focused on the same data. With Dundas BI, everyone within the organization was able to base their decisions using the same criteria, thereby avoiding the need to waste resources reconciling data.
Dundas BI’s rich, interactive visualizations, armed Viamedia with staggering control over their visual design elements. Specifically, Viamedia enjoyed Dundas’ unique charts, such as the Sunburst Chart, which made it particularly easy for them to display multiple hierarchy level data at once.
As Viamedia’s data were to be visible to users of varied rank, it was vital the Business Intelligence solution they implemented contained security hierarchies that allowed user-dependent filtering. Dundas BI ensured that each user was only able to view data they were allowed to view.
In order to make it easier for their users to get the data they needed, Viamedia required an application with a superior navigation experience. With Dundas BI, they were able to define their own unique interactions with parameters that were maintained throughout each dashboard, which preserved context as their users analyzed data at progressive granularities.
Madelline Kissel

"Dundas BI allowed us to fill a major gap in our business intelligence at Viamedia. Thanks to the data analytics we are now able to glean from our business, we have real-time insights into the day-to-day operations and behaviors of our advertisers by vertical, by season and more. This ability allows us to prepare for ongoing review sessions with our internal and external business partners"

Madeline Kissel

Business Development Manager


Viamedia’s Steps to Success

Many business intelligence (BI) efforts fail to reach their potential and fail to deliver on their intended result. Viamedia was determined to ensure their project was a success, and were unsullied in their approach. To guarantee high adoption rates, and dispel any concerns their users may have, Viamedia took the following steps:

  1. They purchased a Business Intelligence platform that allowed them to implement their exact vision. Dundas BI’s extreme customization attributes meant Viamedia was able to develop a look and feel that not only met their needs, but was consistent throughout, providing their users with a superior experience that was tailored to their skills. In addition, Viamedia utilized Dundas BI’s ability to be white-labeled, and personalized their solution with an internal name their users can refer to.

  2. Viamedia proactively engaged new users by communicating the benefits the solution would deliver, through unique channels such as video produced by their executives, and during onboarding. These introductory lessons inspired their audiences, demonstrated relevant business processes, and explained how each individual user could leverage the solution for maximum impact.

  3. Utilizing Dundas BI’s patented communication and collaboration tool, Viamedia built a live blog into their solution, empowering users to input notes on specific data points, and gave management the opportunity to provide feedback and coaching advice about strategy and processes directly within the solution. Viamedia also exploited Dundas BI’s report bursting functionality to push personalized reports out to users, reminding them of their performance and encouraging them to take action, which heavily factored into their continual adoption of the solution.

All of these decisions fast-tracked the onboarding process, deepened their users' knowledge of the solution and increased adoption.

Larry Bell

"The Business Intelligence department serves every department within Viamedia. Dundas BI has helped streamline serving up intel in bite size chunks that are actionable. Understanding the data is simply easier via visualizations and most importantly the platform shifts power to the end user by giving the ability to slice and dice as needed. The BI roadmap is a very collaborative effort and I often tell our “customer” that my job is to make your job easier and Dundas BI plays a large role in this!"

Larry Bell

Senior Programmer – Business Intelligence


Key Benefits

Dundas BI transformed the way Viamedia managed a distributed Sales team. Now, management is able to sell to, cover, and report on multiple markets, through one centralized solution, and are able to answer high-level questions pertaining to the status of the organization. From there, Dundas BI ensured Viamedia was able to conduct meaningful performance reviews of key areas at the lowest granularity, including Revenue Performance to Budget, Pending or Pipeline Deals, Key Performance Indicators, and Account Management. With specific dashboards in place, Management acquired the ability to coach their Sales teams to higher performance, identify behaviors of success, track weekly expectations, and perhaps most importantly, earn the respect and trust of their team members.

Moreover, Viamedia’s operations were built on cable TV, however, as they diversified their product offerings, their visibility into which segments (Product, Industry, Partner, Agency, etc.) were contributing to their goals rapidly diminished, as did their ability to measure and identify where and why they were falling short. There was simply no insight into individual market performance. Since implementing Dundas BI, Viamedia’s been able to recognize precisely which segments are succeeding, which are struggling, and in which direction each is trending. They’re also able to better measure marketing and operational efforts, and can accurately assess whether certain campaigns result in performance improvements of select segments.

Randy Lykes

"Viamedia operates a very complex business. Not only are we dispersed geographically, we also have a wide array of types of advertisers and types of advertising… having access to data that allows us to look at our business based upon the trends and complex nature of our environment is game changing. Dundas BI has revolutionized how we look at data, allowing us to identify opportunities in near real-time"

Randy Lykes

Chief Technology Officer


Final Statements:

Viamedia implemented a Business Intelligence application that has allowed them to better manage their distributed Sales team, and truly focus on achieving their goals. As a result, they’ve been able to collaborate and coach more effectively, have deeper insight into their data and what’s affecting performance, and are making data-driven decisions that have a measurable impact on the business.

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