Since its inception, SAVYVA GmbH, a partner of Dundas since early 2016, has been helping small and mid-sized enterprises manage the growing intricacies and risks of transfer pricing and international tax. SAVYVA has done so, by providing ultimate control over data and processes, thanks to their cutting-edge, business-intelligent Operational Transfer Pricing & Tax Technology Platform, CROSSVIEW, which is powered by Dundas BI. As its name surmises, CROSSVIEW provides its users with in-depth insights into their cross-border business financial, transactional data, with views from different fantastic, multi-dimensional angles.

The SAVYVA team, comprised of tax technology and Business Intelligence (BI) focused, multi-disciplinary professionals, boasts a long history in Business Intelligence and SQL Server implementation, and are recognized as authoritative figures in a wide range of fields, from transfer pricing, to multi-dimensional modeling, to IT and database know-how.

Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Their Needs

SAVYVA recognized that in dealing with transfer pricing analysis, the many complexities, processes and massive quantities of data needed to be better managed and made more actionable. While SAVYVA had the business domain expertise and the need to create a new solution to tackle these issues, they grappled with the decision of building it from scratch, versus creating a unique solution on top of a strong foundation.

SAVYVA was clear on what they were looking for in a partner. They’d had extensive experience with different BI providers who dealt in multi-dimensional analysis, and were always dissatisfied in their functionalities. While the tools they’d evaluated were quick and efficient with respect to advanced calculations, they lacked the extensibility and permissibility SAVYVA sought, to truly be combined and used with the functionalities they desired. SAVYVA found that many BI tools were, to put it bluntly, expensive, and desired a solution that was affordable and still able to fulfil their criteria. Not only did they wish to fully utilize a solution that possessed quantitative analysis capabilities (via a data model set up and in-memory analysis), SAVYVA wanted a solution that would allow them to inject and embed their own components into it.

Their Solution

SAVYVA resolved to partner with a Business Intelligence platform vendor that was capable of delivering advanced visualizations and system integrations that would enable them to provide the complete management of complex business processes in a single application. They concluded that Dundas BI was the BI platform whose system was extensible enough to accommodate and embed their components, and could ultimately be built into CROSSVEW, the compliance platform they envisioned.

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"It’s really quite unique. Most of our customers will either use Dundas BI as a standalone application, or embed it into their own applications, but in SAVYVA’s case, it’s the other way around. They brought other components and embedded them into Dundas BI, which is quite special and really impressive."

Ariel Pohoryles

Director of Product Marketing

Dundas Data Visualization

Why SAVYVA Chose Dundas BI

Platform Extensibility
Enterprise Level Governance
Advanced Data Visualizations
Custom Navigation Components
Narrative Reporting
Process and Transaction Flowcharting
Database Write Back
SAVYVA exploited the extreme flexibility of Dundas BI and rather than simply deploying it with the default capabilities next to other applications, took full advantage of the open APIs for extreme customization and extended the platform to their specific needs. For example, with advanced integrations into Dundas BI, SAVYVA enabled sophisticated text narrative reports creation to satisfy advanced documentation and regulatory requirements. Think of Microsoft Word embedded into a BI platform, allowing the user to dynamically create text files (reports) by leveraging data elements from the BI platform.
Dundas BI’s built-in support for multi-tenant deployment scenarios enabled SAVYVA to configure multiple projects on a single deployment, allowing them to provide custom, interactive solutions for tax consultants and large multi-national groups, each isolated from one another. As CROSSVIEW is a compliance component keeping full track of any user changes in its documentation and filing reports, it is of enormous value that Dundas BI has innately built in versioning control of any quantitative report changes.
The availability of out-of-the-box advanced data visualizations such as Sankey, Chord, and Relationship Diagrams played an integral role in SAVYVA’s decision to progress with Dundas BI. The Sankey Diagram, for example, is the consummate visualization for transfer pricing, as it’s able to accurately display the flow of inter-company transactions between multiple legal entities. Furthermore, arm’s length benchmarking analysis using a box plot visualization is one of the solution’s key requirements.
SAVYVA was able to design a dedicated Navigation experience for their end product to better manage transfer pricing business processes. The tiles they used dictated how end-users could navigate between different dashboards in different views
Using Dundas BI’s programming interfaces, SAVYVA was able to enhance Dundas BI with a narrative reporting component, allowing users to embed, format and update report tiles, whole dashboards and scorecards within CROSSVIEW’s online document report file editor. Financial, master, local, or country-by-country reports can be exported to Microsoft Word and PDF, and contracts and document files of any type can be linked.
Dundas BI’s open, fully programmable BI platform that was designed to be embedded, augmented CROSSVIEW with functionalities that enabled end-users to import and visualize complex and BPMN-based process diagrams for functional/RACI analysis. In alignment with CROSSVIEW’s link everything philosophy, Dundas BI’s objects can be linked to any element of process, entity, or transaction diagrams to underlie fact-clarifying quantitative information.
Dundas BI allows users to provide more context or communicate with other users viewing the same dashboard by writing back to the database. SAVYVA made use of this functionality by enabling their users to manage master data, plan value chains and view and add live comments in table visualizations adjacent to the visualizations on a dashboard.
Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Key Benefits

In lieu of developing their own Business Intelligence platform from scratch to supplement their existing programs, systems and administration, SAVYVA customized and extended Dundas BI to a high degree, and built a tremendously unique solution of their own. They opted to enhance their native components by integrating with Dundas BI’s powerful interactive dashboards, reports, and self-service analytics, making it possible for them to bring their application to life and proudly deliver it to their customers. By embedding their components within Dundas BI, SAVYVA enhanced their existing products’ analytics layer, giving them a polished, custom, one-stop shop, single application that could bear the brunt of managing complex transfer pricing and tax business processes.

By adding a Business Intelligence component to an already formidable software suite, SAVYVA expanded their customers’ experience by providing them access to full self-service, ad-hoc reporting and mashup capabilities. Their customers are now able to better understand and manipulate their transfer pricing and tax data – which has increasingly become more and more challenging due to the OECD BEPS initiative on base erosion/profit shifting and the increase in local government provisions – over and above filtering and drilling-down, and can perform their own data discovery directly within SAVYVA’s solution. With Dundas BI, what was already an impressive offering, has now exploded with value.

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"It was so great to see and learn that everything we needed was finally possible with Dundas BI – even IBCS-like visualizations, meanwhile almost standard in financial reporting, were possible out of the box"

Thomas Tucha

Managing Director


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