Medidata, located in Porto, Portugal, is a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) of Dundas Data Visualization that specializes in ERP software Development for local Portuguese Governments. Their primary objective is to modernize the technology and software programs used by Portuguese governments in order to combat the rapid evolution of the market. Fundamentally, they are committed to continuous development by providing products and services (such as Support Systems, Back Office Applications, Document Repositories, etc.) that increasingly meet the needs of Portuguese municipalities and their residents. As such, Medidata is dedicated to providing their customers with ERP software products and services that help boost self-government, improve document management, and enhance workflow.

Their Needs

Based on the demands of their clients to have software that allowed them to better analyze and interact with the valuable data that was produced from the ERP software they were using, Medidata felt it necessary to add a Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solution to their portfolio of software products. By providing a BI and analytics solution, Medidata’s clients would be able to make better and more informed decisions in order to improve their efficiencies and productivity.

In addition to their external needs, Medidata wanted a BI and analytics solution that would detect issues regarding data quality within their own internally used software.

Partner Enablement

Prior to Medidata and Dundas formalizing their partnership, several conversations took place between the two parties in order for Medidata to thoroughly explain their strategy of approaching clients. Dundas got a better understanding of how Medidata planned to sell and market Dundas BI, and was able to put together an enablement program tailored specifically to Medidata’s needs. An onboarding process was created, which allowed Medidata the opportunity to test Dundas BI with full support, for an extended time period. Dundas also provided multimedia training content and webinars that simplified the learning curve, which resulted in an increase in adoption across Medidata’s organization. In addition to the provision of resources, Dundas has maintained consistent communication with Medidata’s Account Managers, Support and Financial teams, which has helped forge an even deeper relationship.

Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Their Solution

Medidata has had a working partnership with Dundas Data Visualization since early 2009, when Dundas' development core was Business Intelligence components. Their decision to migrate to Dundas BI was considered a ‘natural choice’ due to the current relationship in place, and their existing satisfaction with Dundas' legacy products.

Why Medidata Chose Dundas BI

Superb Interactivity
Data Driven Alerts
Smart Design Tools
Performance Tuning
The extreme interactivity of Dundas BI visualizations allowed Medidata’s clients better engage with and understand their data. Countless data interactions such as filtering, sorting and expanding were beneficial and made easily available without their clients needing IT assistance for setup.
Utilizing Dundas BI’s built-in annotations, alert notifications and scheduled reports, their clients have better tools for user collaboration. Dundas BI’s alert notifications automated responses when data reached certain conditions in order to drive action.
A key selling feature of Dundas BI, was the smart and intuitive design tools, which utilize drag-and-drop functionality to quickly design dashboards and reports. This simplified Medidata’s ability to run ad-hoc analysis and turn those into full dashboards.
“The endless data sources that Dundas supplies are a must!” – Dundas BI gives Medidata an array of data providers to enable them to connect to legacy or otherwise unsupported data sources.
Medidata enjoyed the ability to store the output of their data cubes within Dundas BI’s data warehouse for improved performance. The option to utilize an in-memory analytic model enabled even faster results for analytical queries.

Key Benefits

Since Dundas BI was implemented both within Medidata’s software portfolio, as well as internally, they were able to benefit on both fronts. Internally, Medidata was able to validate certain database attributes (such as dates), which were inaccurate in some contexts but not in others. With Dundas BI, Medidata was able to discover their database inconsistencies and implement validation on those attributes, specifically using the Unknown Members functionality. This enabled them to customize the value displayed for unknown values to a text value. Furthermore, they were also able to resolve several data integrity issues that stemmed from foreign key constraints, since their development framework was unable to apply foreign keys on their database prior to Dundas BI. This has resulted in the resolution of 60% of the validity concerns Medidata faced.

Externally, Medidata’s clients benefited from an increased ability to take data-driven actions, by being able to better identify and understand their key performance indicators (KPIs). Their clients were provided with dashboards that included KPIs such as workflow performance, along with the ratio of workflow overdue tasks, grouped by department. By making this information readily available, their client’s decision-makers were able to adjust resources in real-time, adjust task execution time in multiple scenarios, and ultimately improve their overdue tasks ratio. In addition, Medidata was able to compile substantial financial information for their clients and visually present it through dashboards and reports. They were able to provide their clients with overall budget execution ratios on revenue and expense with period-over-period comparisons, as well as expenses and revenues by financial classification with state indicators reflecting an increase or decrease. Not only did this improve the availability of their client’s relevant financial documentation, but with the help of data-driven notifications, their clients’ manager’s productivity increased noticeably and they experienced reduced uncertainty of why financial availability dropped below a predefined threshold.

Luis Silva od Medidata

"While using Dundas BI, I found I was able to accelerate the time-to-market of my BI projects. The usability, self-contained management and the easy way that, in a blink, I could see and analyze data from various sources were a great and awesome surprise!"

Luis Silva

Senior BI Consultant


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