IT Weapons, a Konica Minolta company, is a Canadian leader in secure cloud solutions and managed IT services. They are a trusted advisor in the field of risk reduction, as well as technology infrastructure maintenance costs reduction. IT Weapons provides industry leading expertise in virtual infrastructure, application delivery, network security, storage and backup strategies, and more.

Their Challenge

IT Weapons generates client reports quarterly using a time-consuming, semi-manual process. These quarterly static reports had limited their customer’s ability for planning. In addition to being tedious and laborious, report generation was cost IT Weapons greater than one (1) full-time equivalent employee on a yearly basis. Considering the implication that data ages quickly, yet the effort to generate reports limits the frequency at which they are produced; IT Weapons was tasked with finding a BI solution that would improve and automate their entire process by creating dashboards that clients would be able to access at any given time. By virtue of creating these dashboards, IT Weapons’ goals were to increase customer’s satisfaction and their overall value proposition. The long term outcome supports a greater market share, higher earnings – through greater user adoption and retention – and bigger growth through new revenue streams.

Their Needs

IT Weapons required a BI platform that was able to connect to live data and provide the necessary insights their clients desired. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly into their application, that would allow them (as a provider) to create a single set of dashboards for all clients in order to create complete separation between one another. IT Weapons envisioned a need to create 2 distinct types of dashboards:

  1. Client-Facing Dashboards - targeted to IT Weapons' clients
  2. Internal Dashboards - targeted to IT Weapons' employees

Moreover, IT Weapons wanted a solution that would meet numerous requirements in vital categories, which included Self-Service Metrics, Multi-Tenants Security, Connectivity to Proprietary Data Sources, Scalable Deployment, Web Integration, and White Labeling & Branding

Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Their Solution

This led IT Weapons to partner with a BI vendor who could deliver on all fronts. IT Weapons presented their challenge to Dundas, who in turn custom built a demo that was presented to the teams impacted by their current reporting efforts. Both organizations worked together on a cost-model, and Dundas provided IT Weapons with an ROI model that was impossible to resist.

Why IT Weapons Chose Dundas BI

Dundas BI provided IT Weapons the flexibility required to create a unique solution
By adopting an easy-to-use, built-in visualization platform
Dundas BI allowed IT Weapons to scale deployment and hardware to multiple clients with ease
Built-in ‘Usage Tracking’ that conveniently tracked IT Weapons solution adoption
Dundas BI is built with mobile-first in mind using HTML5, which removed the need for IT Weapons to utilize additional apps and downloads
Dundas’ resources were available locally, and were readily accessible

Key Benefits

To allow IT Weapons to realize a greater potential, Dundas BI was integrated into their platform to help build a branded, client analytics portal. IT Weapons utilized Dundas BI’s multi-tenancy deployment scenario allowing them to easily create and manage clients, which are isolated from each other under a single deployment. This enabled IT Weapons to provide their clients with interactive, tailored dashboards; that were able to detect which tenant logged in, and could provide custom experiences.

As a result of this integration, numerous aggregate benefits were realized by both IT Weapons and their clients. IT Weapons benefit from automated client reporting and score carding, as well as an improved service level by now being able to offer real-time, dynamic reporting; thereby increasing efficiencies by eliminating manual reporting processes. In addition to this, clients are given the ability to run self-service analysis on their data in order to acquire the information that is most vital to their daily needs. IT Weapons was also able to integrate Dundas BI with their existing ticketing system for Single-Sign-On (SSO). This allowed IT Weapons users to log-in once on their workstation, and gain access to multiple systems without being prompted to log-in again at each system.

By being able to differentiate their product, IT Weapons has improved their existing client satisfaction and new deal win rate, and has forged deeper, more meaningful connections with their clients, who are now closer to the business as opposed to just IT. They have also reduced manual labor for clients, as a result of removing ad-hoc reports generation.

Ted Garner of IT Weapons

"Dundas BI completes our client’s experience. We’ve been able to maximize our reporting capabilities to deliver pertinent information and insights, allowing our clients to better draw their own conclusions"

Ted Garner


IT Weapons

Final Statements

IT Weapons took Dundas BI’s analytical capabilities and embedded them into their operational system, and in doing so, manufactured distinctive customer analytics portals. By increasing the accessibility of their data and improving the experience by which it is retrieved and reported upon, IT Weapons was able to impact business growth, and open new revenue streams.

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