InfoCloud, "trusted partner of chief executives", and Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Dundas, was founded in 2012 as a regional leading IT solutions provider. They’re focused on the development of IT infrastructure services and applications, as well as information and communication technologies. InfoCloud primarily services customers from different sectors (Telecommunication, Government, Software and Technology) and cover a vast range of industries in the Middle East. InfoCloud enables their customers to produce higher returns and prevail over the continuously growing competition through digital transformations enabled by the use of high-tech engineering staff and IT expertise and training services.

Their Challenge

InfoCloud believes that operational excellence is a never-ending process. Their standing goal is to improve efficiencies and achieve higher standards for all of their customers. This is why they provide solutions that help manage and monitor even the smallest of advancements, whether it’s for people, processes or technologies. Through deep analysis, InfoCloud discovered a top business challenge their customers faced, was a lack of flexibility in their current solutions. InfoCloud felt it imperative to provide a solution that allowed their customers to design their own dashboards without limitations so they can run their business exactly as they envision.

Their Needs

InfoCloud’s customers wanted a flexible Business Intelligence solution with a competitive price-point and enterprise capabilities that was able to minimize their total cost of ownership, while still allowing for rapid return on investment. A lofty demand, made more difficult by the desire to have a solution that could provide a unique experience, tailored to each user, without restrictions.

Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Their Solution

InfoCloud’s need for a flexible BI solution that allowed their clients to design their dashboards in the specific way they wanted, drove them to discover a tool that was not restricting and had embedded analytics capabilities for their client’s organization’s process assets. It was imperative that InfoCloud partnered with a BI provider that was able to enable them to quickly create polished and custom solutions that would make their offering stand-out. In addition to this, InfoCloud required a tool that could successfully be integrated into their in-house HR portal.

Why InfoCloud Chose Dundas BI

Self-Service Analysis
Flexible Embedded BI Framework
Drag-and-Drop Interface
Beautiful, Fully Responsive, Interactive Visualizations
Customers gained the ability to easily and quickly perform data analysis via powerful visualizations with Dundas BI’s analytical engine
Dundas BI seamlessly integrated into InfoCloud’s customer’s existing systems, allowing them to view dashboards and reports directly within their business applications
Easy, smart, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allowed InfoCloud’s customers to quickly design dashboards and reports
InfoCloud’s customers can easily create rich dashboards and reports that engage users and help them better understand their data

Key Benefits

As a result of being a Value Added Reseller of Dundas BI, InfoCloud’s return on investment has been rapid and immense. Over the last 2 years, InfoCloud has seen their list of successful opportunities increase 60%, since partnering with Dundas BI. They have added a dedicated pre-sales activities team, which has helped them to fill their funnels nearly entirely with leads interested in Dundas BI. Since integrating Dundas BI into InfoCloud’s internal HR portal, they have seen a 30% reduction in operational costs InfoCloud has been able to better track and follow up on employee vacations, salaries, per-diems, on-call staffing, active staffing, travel expenses and more. InfoCloud has also built in-house dashboards allowing them to better examine their opportunities. These dashboards are presented during weekly meetings and are heavily depended upon for displaying opportunities in order of importance.

Partner Enablement

InfoCloud partnered with Dundas for many reasons, one of which being partner enablement. Through great presales communication and services after sales, Dundas has been able to effectively market Dundas BI in the Middle East. By understanding the obstacles specific to InfoCloud, Dundas was able to provide multiple tailored webinars for InfoCloud. In addition to providing InfoCloud with valuable resources, Dundas provided training for both InfoCloud’s sales and technical teams, which has enabled them to grow both team numbers, and administer and sell their own professional services to both end users and other firmware companies.

Dundas BI customer, Mohammad Al Khalili

"With Dundas BI, it’s not a leap. It is about creating a culture of continual improvements in business"

Mohammad Al Khalili

Professional Services Manager


Final Statements

InfoCloud was able to partner with a BI provider that helped maximize their business growth potential, while simultaneously empowering their clients to design customizable dashboards that worked the way they needed them to at a competitive price. InfoCloud was also able to successfully fill their funnel with Dundas BI prospects, and improve internal efficiencies by integrating Dundas BI with their HR portal.

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