Dundas’ partner, E-Tabs, is a software company headquartered in London, England, that develops and delivers highly customizable data visualization and report automation software and services, tailored for the market research industry.

For upwards of 25 years, they’ve devoted themselves to listening and understanding their client’s needs and have been relentless in their pursuit to innovate in the areas of reporting and charting, online dashboards, and infographics. As such, they’ve grown from a small operation into a global data visualization and reporting software heavyweight, servicing clients in upwards of 40 countries.

Their Needs

E-Tabs works directly with market research agencies who commission surveys and in return demand any combination of dashboards or reports as deliverables for their clients or for standalone analysis (i.e., exploratory dashboards). As E-Tabs works exclusively with market researchers, they’re often required to manipulate the data they’re provided, to perform industry-specific functions such as statistical hypothesis/significance testing and low-base suppression, and prepare dashboards and reports that best support specific market research analysis, which includes market segmentation, brand reach and awareness, customer retention, etc.

E-Tabs understood that market research projects are rarely routine, and in order to relieve the burden of online reporting from their clients (and their client’s clients), and to help them develop and share highly engaging content, needed to partner with a dashboarding vendor who’s as bespoke and responsive as themselves. The challenge of building completely custom dashboards and reports that conform to the unique needs of their clients demanded an expansion beyond E-Tabs' already robust services. E-Tabs needed an analytics solution that their experienced data visualization team could take advantage of, to ensure their clients are empowered to deliver dashboards and reports that inform, engage and ultimately allow them to focus on their research.

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"Dundas BI comes with several significant benefits that were especially suited for our end clients, including: 1) the ability to develop and publish dashboards across all web platforms, 2) an intuitive UI, 3) a better use of scripting on the front and back ends of dashboards, which has enabled the developers to virtually create anything, and 4) a comprehensive and very responsive support system. With Dundas BI, we’ve been able to provide our clients with extremely customizable dashboards beyond the capability of our competitors"

John Paul Magadi

Senior Dashboard Implementation Consultant


Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Their Solution

Based on their needs, Dundas BI was the lone platform that stood out amongst the sea of competition.

It was clear to E-Tabs that many business intelligence and analytics platforms do not support the type of analysis they required (stat testing, low-base suppression, etc.) out-of-the-box. As E-Tabs prides themselves on their versatility and ability to bring their clients’ dreams to life, regardless of how fantastic the requirement, this quickly became a pressing matter. Whether their functionality simply wasn’t capable of handling such requests, or the work-arounds were too complex, each of the alternatives E-Tabs evaluated (Tableau, Qlikview, Birst, GoodData and Alteryx – to name a few), had limitations. Three critical components separated Dundas BI from the other platforms: 1) The ability to perform both ETL activities and provide stunning data visualizations, 2) The limitless customization and the potential it offered, and 3) The hands-on, customer-centric enablement approach and personalized support.

Dundas BI’s ability to create highly customizable reports and dashboards, along with the ability to fulfil their key requirements, specifically in regard to platform extensibility, led E-Tabs to selecting Dundas BI as their solution of choice.

David Glickman

"With Dundas BI you can do most things out of the box, and you can actually achieve anything you want, be it on the data, design, or interactivity. Nothing is impossible!"

David Glickman

Senior Dashboard Implementation Consultant


Why E-Tabs Chose Dundas BI

Immense Platform Flexibility
Dynamic Row-Level Security
Multi-Tenancy Deployment
Predictive & Advanced Data Analytics
Data Prep & Connectivity
Unrivaled Vendor Support
E-Tabs provides their clients with an entirely customized experience, which they love. As a result, they must sometimes create highly specific dashboards and reports with little deviation from the original design. With Dundas’ innumerable dashboard properties, scripting options and full open API, E-Tabs is able to customize and extend the platform to build exactly what their customers have envisioned.
Those on the receiving end of E-Tabs’ dashboards and reports often ask for them to be managed according to specific hierarchical standards. Using Dundas BI’s built-in administration tools, E-Tabs is able to simplify the governance and maintenance processes, allowing their customers to easily manage security, track usage, etc. In a nutshell, E-Tabs is able to ensure that each end user is only able to view the data they are allowed to view.
Dundas’ built-in support for multi-tenancy deployment scenarios allows E-Tabs to easily create and manage tenants in a single instance, which are isolated from each other, giving them the ability to create individual, branded experiences for each of their customers.
As market research surveys often return insufficient data, E-Tabs is asked to conceal data whenever necessary. Using Dundas BI, they are able to display rich, interactive state indicators to provide immediate visual feedback (i.e., data visualizations/objects that change color; green = good, red = warning) if response rates fluctuated beyond defined thresholds. They are also able to use JavaScript to conceal insights if the data is limited. This same approach is used by E-Tabs to handle data with significant differences.
With Dundas BI, E-Tabs is able to connect to a variety of market research survey engines (i.e., FocusVision), and pull the data they’ve collected directly into their dashboards.
Whenever E-Tabs’ highly skilled data visualization experts weren’t able to achieve something (didn’t happen often!), Dundas’ support staff were able to swiftly step in, immerse themselves in the project, and ensure the exact solution was delivered.
Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable
Jon Hackenbroch

"After just a 10-minute introduction to the tool, I was able to create a functional, interactive dashboard myself, without having to do any scripting or anything complicated. Dundas BI is simple and intuitive to use, and you can easily achieve what you need without prior experience"

Jon Hackenbroch

Director of Bureau Services


Key Benefits

Many of E-Tabs’ customers - prior to contracting them - would produce a regular cadence of reports in astonishingly high quantities. What E-Tabs does, is consolidate their customer’s data, and completely transform and replace their outdated, unsightly reports with beautiful dashboards and reports that are online, interactive, automated, and update in real-time, giving them immediate insight into their data. Not only that, but the dashboards E-Tabs creates are so customized that no two are ever the same, giving their customers a truly unique experience.

What E-Tabs has found, is that their customers enjoy working with them for two (2) reasons:

  1. As a result of implementing Dundas BI, E-Tabs is able to create these modern dashboards with staggering speed, often within a couple of weeks, if not less. Plus, the data handling capabilities and speed of Dundas BI, coupled with E-Tabs’ ability to customize and design dashboards to look and feel like what their customers are used to, has enabled their customers to easily achieve what they need, without any extra training. They’re able to utilize one dashboard to perform all data analysis, including filtering and comparisons, and can export and use the dashboards to answer – with precise accuracy – stakeholder queries. Prior to Dundas BI, end users were forced to run each query separately through their own data processing departments, which was time-consuming and caused considerable strain on their internal resources.

  2. Secondly, Dundas BI has drastically transformed the way E-Tabs’ customers approach reporting. Using Dundas BI, E-Tabs is able to match the exact designs of their customers existing reports, and rather than deliver individual reports for each event, can provide one, online report with dynamic security, that displays information relevant to the user viewing it.
David Glickman

"There are companies that are really good at data processing, ETL, and there are companies that are really good at visualizations. Dundas BI is an end-to-end solution and it’s extendable."

David Glickman

Senior Dashboard Implementation Consultant


Final Statements

In partnering with Dundas, E-Tabs acquired a powerful business intelligence application capable of creating highly engaging, customized reporting experiences their customers love. As a result, they’ve transformed the way market research insights are viewed, and have empowered their customers to truly take advantage of their data.

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