Dundas BI gives you full control over your data so it can be quickly delivered in the most actionable way. Visually explore, prepare and transform your data into stunning dashboards, multi-page reports and visual data analytics – all to your exact specifications. With immense built-in functionality, agile data flows adapted to the user’s skills and fully open APIs, you no longer need to depend on multiple tools or compromise when it comes to your BI and analytics.

Let us show you how Dundas BI can help your business

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  • We’ll take your data scenarios and show you how you can easily visualize and analyze them.
  • See how you can quickly turn your findings into enterprise level dashboards and reports that can be shared with the entire organization.
  • Discover the value our visual analytics platform provides as it applies to your specific needs.

Dashboards & Reporting

With Dundas BI your data is quickly accessible and actionable. Our self-service, customizable dashboards let you monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time. You can visualize and analyze data and KPIs from across the organization on your dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making. With quick access to established metric sets and hierarchies, you can easily create customized dashboards and reports and get your business intelligence faster.

Self-Service Analytics & Visual Data Discovery

Dundas BI’s tailored self-service business intelligence approach empowers business users with a fully governed experience that allows them to personalize their reports and create relevant and actionable content that is easy to consume. Analysts are empowered to delve further into the product and perform on-the-fly or in-memory data analysis via powerful visualizations and our one-of-a-kind analytical engine.

Smart defaults and automatic data preparation are used throughout Dundas BI to provide users with a rapid workflow. This means fewer steps from data to visualization, which means faster, deeper insights.

Embedded Analytics

Dundas BI is an open, fully programmable BI platform that was designed for customization, extensibility and ease of integration. Dundas BI easily works with your existing programs, systems and administration for a superior BI experience. To deliver value within your applications, we understand that embedded BI software should be flexible, easy to integrate into your existing systems and look and work like your current applications. That’s how we’ve designed Dundas BI.

One Flexible Platform

Dundas BI’s rich end-to-end business intelligence capabilities eliminate the need to have multiple tools to prepare, analyze and visualize data. Beyond our broad capabilities, Dundas BI offers the most flexible and customizable business intelligence software for data visualization. Using modern HTML5 and fully open APIs, Dundas BI allows you to customize, enhance, and meet any design requirements your users desire.

Seamless User Experience

Dundas BI is based on responsive HTML5 web technology, which lets you connect, interact and analyze your data on any device. You get the flexibility to stay connected to your business intelligence from wherever you are. The HTML5 interface allows you to deploy on all mobile platforms, without having to develop and maintain a dedicated solution for each, and without depending on a desktop application to analyze your data.