Our passion for innovation and commitment to personal customer experiences has fueled our long standing success. 25 years ago, Dundas sought to bring to market the most magnificent data visualization solutions that could help businesses better understand and visualize their data. Fast-forward 25 years, and here we are. Over the course of those years, Dundas has pioneered innovation, evolving into an internationally acclaimed leader of analytics and data visualizations.

Dundas Data Visualization timeline Dundas Data Visualization timeline

Dundas BI 25th Anniversary Visualizations for 25 Years

In the spirit of celebrating 25 years of data visualization innovation, we took on the daunting task of picking 25 unique and smart visualizations you can easily create in our most modern BI and Analytics platform – Dundas BI.

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25 Years in the Business of Innovation

Dundas was founded on the principles of creativity and functionality. Over the years, we’ve seen spectacular success as our products evolved from components, to our Dundas Dashboard platform, to our current flagship product, Dundas BI, a bold and beautiful business intelligence, analytics and data visualization solution.

The Secret to 25 - Service & People

"We’ve achieved this remarkable milestone by staying true to our vision when we started this business 25 years ago – creating software that people can truly get value from – and every year we continue to build on this foundation."

Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization

Our growth can be directly attributed to the inspiring and talented group of people that have walked through our doors, as well as to the unbelievable customers we’ve helped around the world.

"The company is at the top of its game. The staff are smart, fun, and passionate about data visualization and the success of the company"

"Great people, fantastic products! I have worked in many tech environments, but I would easily put Dundas at the top of the list of best places to work"

"Serious technology, a focus on customer experience, highly talented development staff, great culture"

"Great environment, great colleagues, and great management. Dundas BI has grown so much since V1. I can't wait to see where we take the product in the coming years"