Dundas BI Claims Top Ranking in 2022 Enterprise BI and Analytics Data Quadrant from InfoTech Research Group - News and Press

Real users give Dundas BI top rankings for vendor capabilities and product feature satisfaction

Toronto, Canada, February 23, 2022 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a business intelligence, analytics, and data visualization disruptor, celebrated for its distinctive approach to client success, announced today that SoftwareReviews, a division of leading, world-class information technology research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group, has positioned Dundas BI as a leader in their 2022 BI and Analytics Data Quadrant.

Dundas BI claimed top position in five of the eleven vendor capabilities including Vendor Support, Breadth of Features and Ease of Customization. This is the fifth year Dundas BI has achieved top rankings. Of the 13 BI vendors evaluated and named to Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant, Dundas BI was ranked as the top business intelligence software real end users are most likely to recommend to their peers.

Data compiled from verified, real end users are used by the Info-Tech Research Group to provide a holistic, unbiased view of the business intelligence product landscape. While analysts provide valuable assistance when it comes to selection, Info-Tech Research Group believes accurate insight into the true experience of owning software is best to come from those who use it.

“Every BI project we undertake with our clients is always with the goal of ensuring they exceed their specific and unique goals,” said Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization. “Our software experience and support are known in the industry for being extremely hands-on and responsive. We work in partnership with every customer, and when you unite that with a feature-rich, extremely customizable product – the outcomes we can achieve are incredible.”

The entire 2022 BI & Analytics Data Quadrant report is available to download here See how real users have rated Dundas BI against 13 other leading business intelligence software vendors.

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Software Reviews is a division of Info-Tech Research Group Inc., a world class IT research and consulting firm established in 1997. Working in the vendor space for over two decades, Software Reviews is a leading source of expertise and insight into the enterprise software landscape and vendor relationships. The organization assists members by providing accurate insight into the experience of purchasing and owning software through the collection of real data from real IT professionals to get an accurate and unbiased understanding of complex software purchasing decisions.

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