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Dundas BI has secured the top spot overall in the Embedded Analytics Tools category.

Toronto, Canada, May, 19, 2022 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc, a business intelligence (BI), analytics and data visualization disruptor, celebrated for its distinctive approach to client success, today celebrated their top position in SelectHub’s Leaderboard for Best Embedded Analytics Tools. In addition to being the top overall product, Dundas BI also was the top product in this same Embedded Analytics category for: Data Management, Embeddability, Embedded Data Analytics, Embedded Data Visualization, Embedded Reporting, Security and Platform Capabilities.

The Embedded analytics tools (embedded BI) category includes solutions that are made to integrate seamlessly with business applications and provide analytics capabilities to engage users where they are allowing them to dig into proprietary data to glean meaningful insights. For more information visit SelectHub’s Best Embedded Analytics Tools Leaderboard

SelectHub’s goal is to provide a streamlined solution for company stakeholders to collaborate amongst themselves and interact with vendors across all the key stages of product evaluation. They collect and analyze every data point about software and then compile that data to share with everyone. SelectHub’s team of analysts review products, ensuring they understand each software’s capabilities, strengths, and limitations.

Dundas BI was designed from the start as an embedded platform with all functionalities included in one end-to-end platform with no addition products required. This combined with an open architecture that allows for complete customization, makes this a platform like no other. To learn more about the capabilities of Dundas BI visit - www.dundas.com

About Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. - www.dundas.com

Dundas Data Visualization is a leading, global provider of Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Data Visualization solutions. Dundas provides organizations with the most customizable, innovative, and scalable BI, dashboard, and reporting software, through a fully embeddable BI platform, enabling users access to all their data for better decisions and faster insights.

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