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New Software Awards from SelectHub provide end users with a true and accurate perspective of where the excellence in Dundas BI comes from – and the team that got it there.

Toronto, Canada, July 17, 2020 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a business intelligence, analytics and data visualization disruptor, celebrated for its distinctive approach to client success, announced today that the Dundas R&D Team has received five SelectHub Software Awards, each designed to highlight excellent innovation and the people responsible for it. To determine the recipients of these awards, SelectHub analysts spent over 2,000 hours evaluating over 300 business intelligence tools. From this, they recognized which BI software leads the pack and delivers the features and capabilities and capabilities companies actually need based on crowdsourced requirements from the SelectHub Platform.

Beyond giving recognition to the people behind the software, the SelectHub Software Awards showcase each software’s strengths, whether they be in certain features or ease-of-use and shine a light on which vendors are delivering software that companies truly need. The Dundas R&D Team – and by extension, Dundas BI – has been awarded four Best In Class awards, for Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, Reporting, and Data Querying, and a User Favorite award for Business Intelligence Software – an award that’s based on the SelectHub User Sentiment Score and awarded to the software with the highest User Sentiment of all qualified software.

Keith Hagen, VP of Marketing at SelectHub, says, “After years of analyzing, we realized it was time the people behind the best software were recognized. With these awards, we hope to provide end users with a true and accurate perspective of where excellence in software comes from and about the teams that got it there.”

“It’s crucial that in our efforts to create and supply our customers with a world-class product and analytics experience, we back it with equally as ambitious, world-class talent.” said Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization. “We are dedicated to providing our customers with the powerful tools they need to find success, and many of our efforts would be in vain, were it not for the incredible contributions of our R&D Team. Their collective impact on Dundas BI cannot be understated, and while they’ve long-since established their value internally, these awards bestow recognition where it’s due and highlight what Dundas has always known: that we deliver skillfully constructed software that businesses actually want to use.”

The criteria used to develop these awards and determine recipients includes user reviews, data from SelectHub’s proprietary technology selection management platform and ratings determined by their in-house analyst team. The SelectHub Software Awards are strictly awarded based on merit and decided upon by SelectHub analysts and user sentiment.

Award Methodology

SelectHub’s vendor evaluation process involves an analysis of the product's capabilities based on the information gathered through various primary and secondary research methodologies including but not limited to SelectHub RFI, vendor outreach, user reviews, product brochures, specification sheets, case studies, and more. Scores are compiled by analysts and only consider vendors with at least 100 reviews on at least 3 review sites. SelectHub does not solicit or compile reviews on their site directly.

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