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With rapid release cycles and a continuous delivery approach, users of Dundas BI benefit from a steady stream of new features to better handle their data analytics.

Toronto, Canada, September 15, 2020 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a business intelligence, analytics and data visualization disruptor, celebrated for its distinctive approach to client success, announced the release of several new and innovative features as part of the latest release of Dundas BI, its fully customizable, end-to-end BI and analytics platform.

Some of the new features include the ability to deploy Dundas BI using Docker containers, orchestrate Dundas BI deployments with Kubernetes clusters, allow users to connect directly to data stored in Microsoft Azure Table storage or Azure Cosmos DB tables, and the ability to divide calendar years into 13 periods of 4 weeks using a new time dimension for easier ‘monthly’ comparisons.

“With Dundas BI, you can always expect new ways to visualize and interact with your data and of course, a great deal of new features driven directly by our customers,” said Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization. “Our goal has long been to continuously improve product functionality and add features that our users will truly benefit from. As innovators, it’s important we not only have a pulse on the industry, but also listen to our users to give them the tools they want – and need – to ensure they get maximum value from their data.”

The new features unveiled in the latest release of Dundas BI are designed with the intent of breaking down the barriers that prevent organizations from reacting, adjusting and tackling business priorities.

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