Dundas BI Claims 13 Top Place Rankings in BARCs The BI and Analytics Survey 21 - News and Press

Dundas BI is top-ranked in 13 categories including Dashboards and Flexibility and is a leader in another 80 in its peer groups in the world’s largest survey of business intelligence software users.

Toronto, Canada, November 11, 2020 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc, a business intelligence (BI), analytics and data visualization disruptor, celebrated for its distinctive approach to client success, announced today their top rankings, including Dashboards, Flexibility, Embedded BI, Data preparation, and Implementer support across its six peer groups in Business Application Research Center’s (BARC) The BI & Analytics Survey 21. Over 2500 participants contributed to the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence software users.

The BARC BI & Analytics Survey 21 examines user feedback on business intelligence product selection, implementation, and usage, revealing how organizations are selecting, implementing and using BI and analytics tools, and which products lead the market across a range of key criteria including, Ease of use, Business benefits, Customer satisfaction and Support. Dundas BI has been awarded the top ranking in Dashboards, Flexibility, Embedded BI, Data preparation and Implementer support across its 6 different peer groups – OLAP analysis-focused products, Embedded analytics-focused products, Americas-focused vendors, Self-service analytics-focused products, Dashboards-focused products and Ad hoc reporting-focused products. Dundas BI has also been recognized as a leader in 80 additional categories within its peer groups – including Advanced analytics, Business value, Product and Customer satisfaction, Price-to-value, and Innovation.

“We’ve been helping organizations leverage data analytics to successfully grow their businesses for many years. And in that time, we’ve learned that users want the freedom to analyze data on their terms, and to produce stunning outputs with an abundance of wow-factor” said Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization. “Our top rankings in categories such as Flexibility and Dashboards justify our stance as the most flexible BI platform and enhance our drive to empower our customers with elite reporting and analytics experiences that are tailored to their specific needs. That 97% of surveyed users would recommend Dundas is humbling and provides all the motivation we need to innovate ceaselessly and develop programs that continuously support all our customers.”

The BARC BI & Analytics Survey 21 is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence users. In total, 2500+ people responded to the survey and 33 products – or groups of products – were analyzed in great detail. Survey results are further supplemented by expert commentary from BARC. Now in its nineteenth edition, this survey not only measures current developments in the BI and analytics space, but also patterns and trends, giving readers a unique opportunity to follow how the market has developed and see where it is headed in a number of key areas. For more information, visit bi-survey.com.

Download the report and compare Dundas’ results with other top BI vendors.

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