Dundas BI - Product Notes


1. Overview

The Product Notes for Dundas BI contains information about features that work differently or are currently unsupported depending on the type of data you are working with or other conditions. This includes browser and product limitations.


2. Browser

Internet Explorer

Beginning January 12, 2016, Microsoft stopped feature development on Internet Explorer and has been releasing only security updates. Due to inherent limitations and no further development, Internet Explorer may experience reduced performance when compared to other browsers.

A significant example is a memory leak created in Internet Explorer during navigation. Depending on the system memory, this may cause the browser to crash when enough memory has leaked. This issue is not limited to Dundas BI and is present during every navigation performed using Internet Explorer, but may surface faster with heavier implementations. To avoid this particular issue, open a new window instead of navigating to the desired URL (Ticket 66060). 

Changes made in the Filter Visualizations dialog may not be saved after closing Internet Explorer (Ticket 39288).

When double-clicking on a label component to edit its text, a Webpage Error (JS error) may occur in Internet Explorer. This happens under very specific circumstances but does not interfere with the work flow. Simply click elsewhere and click on the label again (Ticket 51116).

Safari When accessing Dundas BI using Safari browser and Private Browsing mode, the login fields will not be visible.
Google Chrome

When viewing the dashboard in Re-size mode, scrollbars may randomly appear in Google Chrome. This is a known issue with the Google Chrome browser and is being investigated by the Chromium team. To remove the scroll bars, resize the dashboard (Ticket 57933).

When selecting or editing an image Source property containing a very long string, Google Chrome may freeze. This is a known issue with the Google Chrome browser and is being investigated by the Chromium team. To avoid the situation, upload the image into Dundas BI (Ticket 60230).

When using the Chrome browser and holding the Shift key prior to dragging elements will not work (Ticket 71320). This is a known issue with the Google Chrome browser.

Firefox When viewing a scaled dashboard in Firefox and clicking a drop down list, the drop down menu may be incorrectly positioned. This is due to a Firefox bug (Ticket 50600).

3. General / Application

logon If you have multiple instances of Dundas BI running on the same server, and the paths to these instances differ only by the port number, users will be logged out automatically when they navigate from one instance to another instance and log on. Returning to the previous instance requires the user to log on again. 41499
logon, Windows Authentication Regarding Windows Login/Authentication, note that Dundas BI does not support domains from separate forests for the purposes of logging on. In other words, the Dundas BI application pool user and any Windows accounts used to log on to Dundas BI must be from domains in the same forest. 51121
user interface If your web browser has a plugin installed that adds a toolbar or occupies a portion of the browser real estate, this will affect the coordinate system of Dundas BI, resulting in various UI issues. N/A

4. Data Preparation / ETL / Analysis

data connectors Discovery of scalar-valued functions and other non table-valued functions is not supported. 40665
data connectors If you edit an existing non-relational or non-OLAP data connector, make some changes to it (e.g., via Define Structure), and then perform a re-discovery, previously discovered structures will remain under the data connector in Explore. If you then try to use these previous structures you may encounter connection errors. 41508, 50426
data connectors, Access Crosstab queries and linked tables are not discovered. The crosstab queries and linked tables are available if using manual queries. Another option is to create parameterless SELECT queries to the crosstab queries or linked tables (which will be discovered as views). 50856
data connectors, ODBC, JDBC

Some ODBC drivers are only available in 32-bit versions. To use 32-bit drivers on a 64-bit server, you need to run IIS or your application pool in 32-bit mode.

Discovery of table and view definitions may not work for some ODBC and JDBC data sources. As a workaround, use data cubes based on manual SQL query.

Discovery of table relationships (e.g., foreign keys) may not work for some ODBC and JDBC data sources.

Stored procedures and functions are not discovered.

41355, 68858
data cubes, calculated element transform The CFlat switch statement is not supported. 59512
date mapping, OLAP If the OLAP hierarchy being mapped has a data gap, using the option to manually set the start date will yield the wrong results. Specifically, years after the gap will be incorrectly mapped. 40681
warehouse storage The floating point values NaN and Infinity are not supported and will cause the data warehouse build to fail. 53933
hierarchies, in-memory storage Previewing a hierarchy in the Hierarchy Designer may be slow if the underlying data cube is using in-memory storage. You may get better performance by using warehouse storage for the data cube instead of in-memory. 50414
metric sets, OLAP Metric set automatic count measures are not supported for OLAP. 41266
metric sets, dynamic hierarchies, period over period Period over period (pop) cannot be used with a dynamic hierarchy. 50824
metric sets, period over period Period over period (pop) cannot be added to an existing pop measure. 50927
metric sets Oracle Character Large OBject (CLOB) data used with a parameter compares only the first 2000 characters. This may cause extra rows to be returned. 41741
expand and collapse members The expand and collapse members functionality is not supported in formula visualizations/formula metric sets. 49485
data connectors, SSAS Executing certain valid MDX in SSAS 2012 fails with Internal error: An unexpected error occurred (file 'mdmisc.cpp', line 945, function 'MDBulkSetScaIter::Start'). Try installing SQL Server 2012 SP2 to fix this issue. 50521
metric sets, data annotations Preventing Data Annotations by unchecking Allow Data Corrections is not supported on OLAP-based measures. 51130
data cubes, warehouse storage Strings longer than 900 characters (or unlimited length) cannot be indexed, which may cause performance issues when used in a data warehouse. Change the data type to a shorter set length to avoid this issue. 53199
data connectors, Excel Mixed data types, such as an apostrophe prefix to a date value, prevents both Excel and Dundas BI from recognizing the desired data format. 59225
Excel export, OLAP Exporting to Excel with the measure format set to OLAP will not include the number formatting. 63034
data connectors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Some entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are not supported, which may result in an Internal Server Error on the RetrieveMultiple method and prevent certain tables from working. 63329
data connectors, Access and DBF The Microsoft driver used to connect to DBF files does not support FoxPro dBase 3.5. As an alternative, you can use an ODBC data connector to connect to the same files. 66067

5. Dashboards / Reports / Scorecards

filtering The Single Number filter should only be used to filter integer data values. To filter decimal type data, use the Range Number filter instead. 39329
reports, scorecards Reports and scorecards do not support metric sets with data retrieval format set to Raw Data. These are metric sets created when you drag a database table directly onto the canvas. 41089
reports, scorecards Reports and scorecards do not support the Frame component. 39702
reports, scorecards Zooming and scrolling (scrollbars) is not supported for charts appearing in a scorecard or report. 39215
dashboard designer Drag-and-drop files onto the dashboard canvas does not work in certain situations in Windows 8. 42075
dashboard designer, interactions When setting up a data input interaction, writing to a data input transform in an inherited data cube is not supported and will not be available as a selection. 62144

6. Data Visualizations

re-visualizing When re-visualizing a data visualization from one kind to another, only the underlying metric set is maintained and not any visualization-specific properties. This is not a limitation per se but it means that if you go to apply certain styling to a chart, re-visualize it as a table, and then re-visualize back to the same kind of chart, you may lose some of the original styling. This is because a table does not support chart-specific styles. To get back your original styling you can use general strategies such as checking things in before re-visualizing (so that you can undo checkout later, or roll back versions), using the Update button the Data Binding Panel to update the metric set's default visualization, or saving visualization properties as a style. 42018
table When the row header mode is changed to Single Indented Column in a table visualization, totals will be enabled automatically. You can see this if you open the Data Binding Panel, click Edit, and then look for the Shown Totals field. 49787
table When using the properties Freeze Total Rows and Show Totals At Bottom together in a table visualization, the subtotal row has to be loaded to display in the freeze row. If the subtotal row is too far down the table, data for it will not be retrieved and the freeze row will not be displayed. 57648

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