What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of highlights from the new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 6.0.

For a complete list of new functionality and behavior changes, see the List of changes in version 6.0.

2. Data Preparation and Analysis

3. Data Visualizations

  • Radar charts
    • New Radar Point, Radar Line and Radar Area charts
    • Visualize circular data such as time, directional data, or repeat a circular chart shape and look for recognizable patterns 
    • Set up a series as Radar Range or Radar Stacked Area advanced chart types in Properties
  • Animated transitions of colors, sizes, and locations when data changes in a map or diagram
  • Tables
    • Set up a grand total column style
    • Customize cell text for certain states/conditions using keywords
    • Adjust small tables in reports, scorecards, or small multiples to fit varying numbers of rows
  • Hide null/unknown values in a tree diagram for ordinary data to appear like a ragged or unbalanced hierarchy

4. Design and View

  • Small Multiples
    • Create a Small Multiple view (or 'trellis chart') to repeat visualizations for different data for easy comparison
    • Lay out a series of visualizations horizontally, vertically, or both, and wrap them to fit within the available width
  • Quick Access Properties popup to customize font and appearance for the element you clicked on
  • Customize the appearance of various parts of filters from the Properties window
  • Preview fonts and colors within the dropdown before selecting
  • Use the Layers window to rename, lock/unlock, and highlight elements or groups
  • Set up a 'sticky' or frozen header in responsive dashboards, and in reports and scorecards
  • Set up a group of cells spanning a row as a header in a responsive dashboard
  • Use rich formatting when setting up notification emails

5. General

  • Recycle Bin: recover recently deleted files from your profile
  • Publish multiple files from within a project at once (without publishing the entire project)
  • Maintain the cube storage type when publishing, with a prompt to build the cube

6. Administration

  • Message displayed on the administration home screen when a new version is available
  • Warehouse data cubes separately per-tenant when using data connector overrides
  • Ability for tenant administrators to create custom attributes for their accounts & groups
  • Ability to auto-create accounts associated with a particular tenant when using federated authentication

7. Installation / Deployment

  • Notification displayed with upgrade option when a new version of the Dundas BI Deployment application is available
  • Set up multiple scheduler services when deploying as a server farm for high-availability of scheduled actions
  • Add a scheduler service to an instance using the deployment application after deploying without one

8. API / Branding / Integration

9. See also

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