Install & Configure

To install Dundas BI, download and run the Dundas BI Setup program on your (server) computer. This will install the Dundas BI Deployment application, which you then use to create and manage instances of Dundas BI.

This article shows you how to upgrade an existing Dundas BI instance using the Deployment application.

This article shows you how to remove or uninstall a Dundas BI instance using the Deployment application.

The Dundas BI Deployment application (installer) has its own version number which is the same as the version of the Dundas BI instance that it creates.

This article shows you how to install deployment samples to an existing instance of Dundas BI. A sample consists of a Dundas BI project that offers one or more sample dashboards or reports.

This article details the steps to take in order to deploy Dundas BI on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Active Directory authentication from multiple root forests can be configured using a JSON array, which specifies the details of each forest.

The optional SAML2.0 protocol extension lets you set up federated authentication using the SAML 2.0 protocol.

Federated authentication enables users to log on to Dundas BI by authenticating using a third-party identity provider, such as Google, Facebook, or Azure Active Directory.

Dundas BI recommends that SQL Server Authentication be used as the means of connecting to the Dundas BI application database, and the Dundas BI warehouse database. This is done for security reasons. In this article we explain how to enable SQL Server authentication, and how to use it with a Dundas BI instance.

This article will explain how to silently deploy Dundas BI instances.

The Standard Export Provider extension lets you export your views to formats such as PDF, PNG, and PowerPoint.

This article details the steps to take after deploying Dundas BI virtual machine from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Also, this article contains recommended actions, and migration options.

This article lists the folders that are installed for the Dundas BI Deployment application and a Dundas BI instance.

DD Migrator is a command-line tool which lets you migrate or import one or more projects from an instance of Dundas Dashboard to an instance of Dundas BI.

This article describes the multi-language capabilities of Dundas BI and shows you how to localize the application for a specific target language.

This article shows you how to do a same version instance upgrade.

The Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part lets your SharePoint users view and interact with available dashboards and reports from your Dundas BI server.

This article shows you how to save the Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part solution file so it can be manually deployed.

The Dundas BI SharePoint App File lets you add a Dundas BI Viewer App Part to the pages of your SharePoint Online (Office 365).

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