Manage projects and the file system


1. Overview

This article shows you how to manage projects and their files using the Projects and File Explorer administration options in Dundas BI.

A project lets users organize related work in Dundas BI and collaborate with other users who have access to the same project. See Working with projects for more details.

2. Add a new project

To add a new project in Dundas BI, go to the main menu and click the Admin button.

Access admin functions from the main menu
Access admin functions from the main menu

This launches the Admin screen which presents a categorized list of admin options on the left. Click the Projects & File System category heading to expand it.

Click Projects to see the list of existing projects on the right, then click Add New on the toolbar.

Click Projects and then Add project
Click Projects and then Add project

In the Create a New Project dialog, type a name for the new project.

Enter a name for the new project
Enter a name for the new project

If you're using multi-tenancy and have existing tenants, you can choose a tenant to be associated with the new project.

Select the Active Project option if you want the new project to be set as the active/current project after it has been created.

The Projects list is updated with the newly added project.

Project was created
Project was created

3. View the list of projects

In the Admin screen, click Projects & File System, and then click Projects to see a list of the projects in the system.

  • To view or modify the settings for a project on the list, including its security privileges, select the project and click Edit in the toolbar to open the Properties dialog.

    Project properties
    Project properties

  • Make a copy of an existing project by selecting the project and clicking Duplicate Project in the toolbar. You'll be asked to enter a name for the copy and the initial project privileges.
    • Private – After the project is created, only the creator will have access to it.
    • Public – After the project is created, the Everyone group will have Read access to it.
    • Custom – After the project is created, the the project's security dialog will open.
    • Copy from source project (duplicate only) – After the project is created, the privileges used by the source project will be copied.

    Duplicate a project
    Duplicate a project

  • Open the Maintain Project dialog by selecting the project and then clicking Maintain project in the toolbar. This lets you view, edit, and delete unused entities in the project.

    Maintain a project
    Maintain a project

  • To delete a project from the Projects list, select the project, click Delete in the toolbar and then confirm the operation. Note that the built-in <GLOBAL> project cannot be deleted.

If you are using multi-tenancy and want to see the list of projects for a specific tenant, click Select tenant.

4. Using the File Explorer

All of your work items in Dundas BI, such as data cubes and dashboards, are treated as files within the Dundas BI file system.

The File Explorer lets you navigate Dundas BI projects and manage the files and folders they contain. It is similar to the Explore window but shows all projects at once, allowing you to:

  • Right-click on an individual file or folder and perform operations on it such as Edit, PublishCut/Copy/Paste, New Folder, or edit properties such as security privileges.
  • Search for files by typing in search terms or by entering the file ID (e.g., if an error message indicates a problem by a file's ID).
  • Toggle checkboxes on all projects, files, and folders using a toolbar option.
  • Check or uncheck all checkboxes from the toolbar.
  • Apply a batch operation on selected files, such as check in, check out, transfer check out, publish, and delete.

To access the File Explorer, go to the Admin screen, expand Projects & File System on the left, and then click File Explorer.

File Explorer
File Explorer

Search for a data cube given its file ID
Search for a data cube given its file ID

You can't see a user's personal project (My Project) from the File Explorer. If you want to access another user's personal project, edit the user's account, scroll down, and click the user's project.

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